Thursday, January 24, 2008

Our first attempt!

Since all of my sisters are already here I thought it would be fun to join them. Maybe they will enjoy this as much as I've enjoyed there's. Not sure where to start here. I was in charge of preschool this week - it's always a little stressful until it's over. We were on letter K this week and I also focused on music - had the Kindermusik lady come today and play with the kids. K is a hard letter for snacks - we had ketchup with french fries (most of the kids didn't want them!) and hot dogs, and today it was rice krispie treats. My next letter is O - I guess I'm glad it's not Q! Raising my two children sure keeps me busy, but I wouldn't trade it for any other job. It's a plus to love the people I work with!
So, not sure what to put here, but maybe if I share my goals, someone will want to help me keep them?! This year we are trying to spend QUALITY family time and couple time (aka date nights!). So far we have been taking care of each other, taking turns being sick. Our dates have been picking a movie to watch after the kids go to sleep. Any creative, cheap ideas? We're trying to get in shape, get healthy. I've done okay on the sweets department and we're both using the little trampoline. I really want to do more scrap booking, maybe even make it a monthly thing with some friends. Sticking to my chore schedule will really simplify my life and de-stress me, too. Oh, yeah, we want another baby, but that's more of a wish than a goal. We just have to wait til the Lord says it's okay. I'm on my third round of chlomid - next the doc will up the dosage and maybe look into testing for polycystic ovarian syndrome. I knew this time around would take longer, and so I'm not too upset. It's still hard to deal with an imperfect body. Someday!