Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My new haircut

33 Here I Come!!!

Young Family Christmas Night

Every Christmas since I can remember, we get together with whoever is around of the Young Family (my mom's side) and have a special Family Home Evening. This year it was at my parents house. I made a few treats, felt like they were both a flop, one didn't cook long enough, the other cooked too long! We had songs, some performed by my family, and stories. I sang "Angels We Have Heard on High" with my mom, Susan, and Nathan - I was the tenor. I also did my part, again, of the Nephite woman, and sang my song. My dad was very complimentary about the story. And my husband really didn't believe I had written it myself - he said he was jealous. I don't think I'm a writer. I felt pretty inspired when I wrote it. But, nevertheless, it felt good to be complimented. Kannon did say that I definitely needed the piano for my song. Gee, thanks. I had to sing it acapella, no one could play it on short notice. And with my short waist and pregnancy, I am often short of breath while singing. So, yes, it got a little breathy at the end. I'm kind of tired of singing. I need a little break. So, don't ask me to sing!
I thought the kids did pretty good. We didn't make them sit still, but they did stay pretty quiet. Ben got offended quite a few times at me, because I didn't give him what he wanted. Oh well!
This is Sarah's get up! She is little Santa. And the video is of Sarah from the beginning of the evening. She is with Uncle Stephen and dancing and singing to the song. You've got to watch the whole thing, because the end is the best. We ended the evening with the story from the scriptures of the Saviors birth. And I tried to start a food fight in the middle of that! I sat down next to the computer and my elbow bumped a plate someone had left there. It had spinach dip on it, and the dip went flying through the air and hit some guy in the face and on his pants and the floor! I say "some guy" because I really don't know who it was. He was an invitee of my uncles. We had a few of those there. He was a little offended I think and said something about hoping they didn't have to be dry cleaned. I was so embarassed, and pregnant remember, so I ended up having a short cry in the kitchen while they ended the evening. Ugh. What a night. I really enjoyed them more when I was a kid. Then all my cousins were there, and it was fun. Now, it's more like a sacrament meeting. Still good, but not so much fun. It doesn't help when you're chasing kiddos. And mine were the only kiddos there, too. So, it wasn't too fun for them. Ben told me he thought it was going to be everyone singing their favorite Christmas songs. I guess I hadn't explained it too well. He did get to sing "Christmas Bells" which is kind of his favorite this year. l

Thursday, December 18, 2008

City Centennial

Last Thursday, the kids and I braved the elements to attend the city's centennial birthday celebration. I think the only reason I elected to go, was because how often do you live in a town that turns 100! And it's the town I grew up in - I'm kind of attached. Anyway, it was cold before we even got in the car to drive over. But, the kids were dying for hotdogs. When we got there, the city band was just finishing. Then another group was playing. We were standing in the hotdog line. It was a long line. They had this celebration outside at a park. It was about 23-24 degrees. At least they had some heaters scattered around and we paused at one along the line. Finally, there were hotdogs. Someone handed me cider, which I didn't even want. Then Ben and Sarah got their hotdogs. We moseyed over to a heater to eat. I took a few bites of Sarah's and it was already cold! As soon as they finished, they said they wanted another one. The line again! It was a little shorter this time. I was keeping an eye on Ezra while his mom danced with the ballet. So, we stood by the heater, and Ben saved us a place in line. They got their second dogs, Sarah with no bun. And we also found the hot chocolate, which was too hot to drink, but didn't take long to cool down.
We went and stood by this huge bonfire while they ate their 2nds. It was quite a bit warmer there. Then we went in search of the birthday cake. There wasn't any left when we got there, but we found the goodie bags for the kids. We didn't open them until we got home, and I was kind of disappointed. I was hoping for something pretty cool. Instead it was kind of like Halloween with gummy treats, smarties, dum dums, and a purchased popcorn ball. The only really cool thing, I thought, was the commemorative pin they got, with the Centennial symbol on it. I'll save those for the kids.

Well, at this point Sarah was starting to cry - she was so cold. She kind of cry-whined all the way to the car and all the way home. As soon as we got her inside she wanted her boots and mittens off. Her fingers and toes were red and cold. I felt so bad.
Today, I got my own taste of what she must have felt. I'm sure I've been that cold before, but I'd kind of forgotten. Well, Kannon took the burb to Reno in an icy road condition. So, it was more than filthy. Since we're going to Grandma's tomorrow I thought it would be nice to have a clean car and we went by the car wash. Well, the one I usually go to was out of order. I didn't want to hand wash because it was cold and the burb is so big. We went to the next car wash, but I'd never been there and I wasn't sure they took credit cards - and once you're in you're in, there's no backing up. I knew I didn't have enough cash, so we went in search of another one. I knew there were other hand wash ones, but wasn't sure of an automatic. When I finally got to the next car wash and found no automatic, I figured we were out of luck and should just get it done. I hadn't brought a coat, just a jacket. I wasn't planning on getting out of the car! I also had shoes, but no socks on. As soon as we got out I started complaining to Ben that it was too cold. Well, half way through my fingers were so cold and hurt so bad, I was practically whimpering! I even left time on the wash because I didn't care to use it all, I just wanted to get warm. I told Ben it felt like someone had smashed all of my fingers and thumbs with a hammer. He also got a good discussion on frostbite and losing fingers and toes. But, obviously, my fingers are still working - I mean I am typing this!

Merry Christmas!

good things.....
1. clean cars
2. bonfires
3. empathy

RS Enrichment

About 3 weeks ago, I was asked to do a part in our ward's Relief Society Enrichment. They wanted me to do a Chautauqua as a Nephite woman at the time of the Savior's birth. They wanted 10 minutes. I procrastinated. This was not easy for me. I like to perform, I don't like to prepare the dialogue, etc. for my performance. One time, I tried out for an LDS movie company. I was supposed to have a monologue to perform. I procrastinated that until I made a fool of myself in front of the judges. It was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. I must have learned a little from that experience. At least I didn't have to memorize this. So, I even wore a little costume and sang a song. I guess it went well, I got compliments. But, sometimes I don't count compliments that come from church members. They might just be trying to be nice. I mean, what else would they say - "eh, that was Okay." Anyway, I thought I'd share what I wrote as my part, because reading it aloud made me cry, and it doesn't hurt to think a little more about what it was really like. I don't know if I've ever really thought about that before now. It's made me a little more aware of the reason for the season.

I know this is long, bear with it, or skip it - I'll never know! =)

In the 86th year a Lamanite prophet came to our city, Zarahemla. His name was Samuel. The people were pretty wicked then, and they wanted him to leave. They didn’t want to hear what he had to say. Nobody wants to be reminded of the things they are doing wrong. But, Samuel stayed. And the things he prophesied were great. I wasn’t there that day. I was doing what I do most days. Cleaning, cooking, caring for my brothers and sisters. That’s my responsibility as the oldest female of our family. But, my father and brother were there. They listened to his words and felt the power and truth of them. They believed and so sought Nephi. When they found him they confessed unto him their sins and desired to be baptized. After they told me, I too, chose baptism.
One of my favorite parts of Samuel's prophecies was about the birth of the Son of God. He said it would happen in 5 years, and that a sign of the birth would be great lights in heaven. Also, that the night before his birth, there would be no darkness. That is would appear as day - we would see the rising and setting of the sun, but nevertheless the night would not be darkened. We were to know that this would be the night before he was born. He also said that a new star would arise, one we had never before beheld. I often spend some of my evening watching the stars, wondering where the new star will be, and if I will be able to tell it from the others.
Nephi has continued to baptize, prophesy, preach, cry repentance, show signs and wonders, even working miracles. That others would believe and know that the Christ must shortly come. I listen to him as often as I can get away. I want to remember these prophecies so that when they happen I can be a witness. Many have believed, but more have not. The wicked, who would not be softened to Samuel's words, tried to kill him. And more and more often, those of us who do believe, are persecuted by the nonbelievers. It is now the 92nd year. And in the last few years there have been great signs and wonders. The words of the prophets have begun to be fulfilled. Angels have appeared to wise men and declared glad tidings of great joy. But the nonbelievers have hardened their hearts and say, “Some things they may have guessed right, among so many; but behold, we know that all these great and marvelous works cannot come to pass, of which has been spoken.” They also say that IF there really was a Christ and he is the Son of God, then why not appear to us, why only Jerusalem? They call it a wicked tradition to believe in such things. My heart tells me I am right to believe. And because of my belief and that of the other believers, we are persecuted.
Something hard to believe has happened, though. Greater signs and greater miracles are happening among the people! It’s incredible to witness. But, this does not soften the hearts of the wicked. They say that the time is past and the words of Samuel are not fulfilled. They rejoice in these thoughts. I sometimes worry that this may be true, but I’ve still watched steadfastly for the day and the night and the day which should be as one day as if there were no night.
The nonbelievers said that tomorrow we would all be put to death if the sign did not come to pass. Our prayers have mingled with those of Nephi. He has been praying all day, and the word has finally come to us that this is the night! And that tomorrow the Savior will come into the world! I feel relief and then joy. It’s really going to happen! And now, instead of fearing my death on the morrow, I feel as though my life has just begun.
It is time now, for the setting of the sun. We would be preparing for bed soon, cleaning up from our evening meal. Instead, we sit and watch. The sun has set. And it is still light. Oh, how does one sleep on a night such as this!? A part of me feels like laughing - we were right! We believed the prophecies and they have come true! Others will surely believe us now. They know that the prophecies are coming true, now. Look, they fall to earth in astonishment. I’m grateful that I don’t feel astonished, that I had hope and now feel joy. I feel peace, also. This is the birth of the Savior! The Christ! The one who will save us from our sins! I feel in my heart that I’ve always known this truth. Always known he would come. I wonder, too, why now? Why do I get to witness this great event? Why not my mother? But then, maybe she is witnessing in her own way tonight.
It is as bright as noon-day. And now the sun rises. This is the day that the Savior will be born. No chores today, who could concentrate on them? Our lives have been spared in more ways than one, this day. And see the new star in the sky?! It is so much brighter than the rest, I could not miss it! Each time I see it I will be reminded of this glorious occasion.
And even though there are many spreading lies, trying to get us to disbelieve what we have seen and witnessed, we still believe. And many others have joined us. Nephi continues to teach us and there is peace in the land again. And peace in our hearts as we imagine that Savior child and the good he will do for us all.

Here is a link to where I got the song I sang. http://aaronwaite.com/audiofiles2.html Scroll down to the song titled "On the Morrow He Comes" and click on the music note on the left side to listen.

Crack you UP!

I ran across this the other day. I had typed it up right after it happened, because I didn't want to forget it. I believe Ben had been complaining about setting the table, or putting away the clean silverware. Kannon was doing the dishes and this is what he told Ben:

K: You better get used to it. Cuz that’s what you’re going to do when you get older. Work for a car, work for a house, work for a wife. Cuz she’ll want to go to the store. She’ll want to go to the food store and the clothing store and the shoe store and the baby store….and the shoe store again. And she’ll want to go to the car dealership store. And she’ll want to go to the movies, with her friends and to time out and time out again and not time out. And she’ll want you to stay home with the kids. And it’s no fun at all.

B: You’re joking.

K: No. I’m not.

Monday, December 15, 2008

merry CHRISTmas!!!!

So, I know the Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday thing has been an issue for a few years now. But, this is the first time it's really bothered me. I was just hearing a radio commercial with a mother trying to figure out what to buy her daughter. So, she asked this question, "What should I get (Susie) for the Holidays?" That just bugged. You don't buy Holiday presents. You buy Christmas presents. Now, I'm more aware of who says it which way. I noticed that the employees at In 'n Out Burger had pins that said "Merry Christmas". So, good for them. I feel like saying it to everyone now. But, then my brain says, "it's not quite Christmas - you have to wait for Christmas Eve, or something." So, when DO you say Merry Christmas?

Anyway, I just wanted to say that this is Christmas. A celebration of Christ - our Savior. A time when giving gifts should remind us of the greatest gift of him.

On another note, the kids have loved singing "I love to see the Temple" lately. Sarah always picks it to sing during our scripture time. Here are the words:

I love to see the temple.

I'm going there someday

To feel the Holy Spirit,

To listen and to pray.

For the temple is a house of God,

A place of love and beauty.

I'll prepare myself while I am youn;

This is my sacred duty.

Sarah thinks the end is "shake your booty" not "sacred duty" and so she giggles each time we sing it. Kannon taught her the "shake your booty" thing a long time ago and she does it really well. This is a quick video of her dancing. But, not the best example. She didn't look too happy here.

gingerbread house

Last Tuesday I finished my decorating. I put up my pink tree out on the front porch. I still need to get a new ornament for this year. Ben kept wanting to help me. He said he wants that tree next year. So, I think what I will do next year is get another little 3 foot or so tree for the kids room. They can put all their special ornaments on it and I can have something new for the living room one. We'll see if everyone will agree to that.
I made ginger bread on Thursday, I think. We've done a gingerbread house the last few years. I've always bought the kit. But, we couldn't eat the gingerbread, it was too hard. So, I tried my hand at one this year. The pattern I had was a difficult one to put together. The roof was pretty steep. I had to leave the room so Kannon could finish it, I was too frustrated. We put this together on Saturday night. I was feeling awful - worse night so far. So, I made the icing and took the pictures. They used our leftover Halloween candy, cheaper than buying more. I think they had a good time. I also had made gingerbread boys with Sarah and Ben's help. That was kind of fun, too.

Now, Kannon has to work tonight. He gets off his regular days work about 3:30, then goes to a shut-down job at 9 pm til whenever. Then back to work at 7:00 tomorrow morning. Because this is all an hour away, he won't be coming home until after teaching tomorrow night. The kids are usually in bed when he gets home, so they probably won't see him again until Weds. after work. Ugh! But, I'm very grateful for the extra work right now. And my brother and his wife have given Kannon liberty to hang at their house in between the jobs, so he can sleep a little. How grateful I am for his work ethic, his strong body and capable mind. For the love he has for us, to be willing to support us. For a job that has been really good to him. For work that he enjoys doing and friends that make it even better.

Dentist and Temple

Last week was pretty normal. I had to go to the dentist again on Wednesday morning. Ben got to spend the day with his friend Ezra (thank you Kiersten!). He didn't want to leave when it was time to go, even though he'd been there for 7 hours! Sarah came with my mom and I. Okay, so I think this guy must not be a very good dentist, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to find a new one. I thought I was going in for a crown on my root-canaled tooth. Instead, he numbs me up and starts drilling again. He botched the numbing job, AGAIN, and I could feel the pain. So, he numbs some more, but guess what - still pain! So, he drills out the canals again/more. Drills out the decay, which basically went all the way out of the tooth, so I would have had a huge hole there. Then, he puts a metal band around the tooth, which pokes my mouth. And adds these little ? Something pokey that kills the gums as he shoves them in my mouth. At one point, I actually had a tear running down my face. It hurt! And he says, "you're still not numb." Duh! My lip was barely numb, my cheek -not at all. And I still don't have the crown. Something about not having approval from the insurance yet. And this info I got from the assistant when I asked about it. Aaargh. Anyway, my mom did a little shopping after I was done. We had lunch at BK, made a stop at my sisters, and came home.
On Thursday, around 5 pm, I remembered that it was the night of my mom's choir concert. She'd asked me to go and I hadn't given a definite answer. Kannon teaches on Thursday nights, so I knew I'd have to take the kids. Did I want to do that? Well, I finally decided we'd go for awhile. We actually made it through the first half. Ben only wanted to go because it was at the museum and he really wanted to explore the museum. He was disappointed that that wasn't on the agenda. He wants his Dad to take him soon. Sarah, well she's just kind of wild. She doesn't like to sit still, and she's very independent. So, I was basically just trying to get her to stay in one area. She loved the first song, there were drums and a great beat to some African Christmas song. She also really loved clapping. When they switched groups, they were both ready to leave. Honestly, I was too. I was starting to feel really ill. My evenings are much worse than any other time.
I think this picture was on Friday. She picked her dress. After I did her hair, I told her she was a little princess. She said, "no, I'm a little Santa."
On Saturday, I woke up to Kannon telling me there was about an inch of snow on the ground. This was 6 am. We were scheduled to be at the temple at 10, drop off kids at their great-aunts house around 9:20. So, basically, it was time for me to get up, shower and shave (ugh!) and get us all ready to go. We figured it would be slow going. If we could've gotten out of the house 15 minutes earlier, we wouldn't have been late. Anyway, I get nervous when the car is out of control. Who wouldn't? So, anytime we slid a little, I'd suck in air and hold on tight. Kannon did a wonderful job of maneuvering us. Spanish Springs was the worst. They had pure ice on the roads. Anyway, we were about 15 mins. late to our appt. at the temple. But, we were doing initiatories, so we still got to do our work. Then we did a little Christmas shopping. I don't think Ben will read this - I hope he doesn't. We bought a wii and quite a few accessories for our family for Christmas. So, we are only getting one present each for the kids. That was the extent of the shopping we had to do. I've enjoyed that - not having to worry about getting and hiding presents, and lots of them. Plus, they have so much already, it's nice to kind of tone it down this year. We found what we were looking for at Barnes & Noble and got some yummies at In n Out Burger. I said to Kannon, "hey this is a date!" We haven't done as well as we would both like to do. There just isn't much we can do without spending money. I know, excuses.
I did feel bad that the kids hadn't gotten to spend any time in the snow. So, when we got back, even though it was close to dark, we let them play for a bit. It didn't take them long to get really cold. Especially the fingers.

Our Humble Tree

I really do like a big tree. But, we just don't have room for it in our tiny house. So, here it is. I set it on a small table so it would feel a little bigger. Benjamin and I did most of the ornaments, and got our hands poked a lot in the process.

On Monday, the 8th, (Kannon's last day off work) we drove to Carson City to get our tree permit. The lady gave me a map and told me how to get to this road. I can't believe she didn't tell me what a rocky road it was. If we had been in a smaller vehicle, I really don't think we would have made it. I had had a dream the night before about having all 4 tires on the burb flat at the same time. So, going up the mountain I had that worry in my mind the whole time. Even one flat would have been bad. But, our car did okay. I really don't think this picture comes close to what it was like. On the way up the mountain, I just hung on tight to anything. At one point Kannon wanted me to look at our other maps for a different road. We were moving so much, I couldn't see anything on the map. Finally we found a good place to stop and look.

I went slowly up the hill with Sarah's hand. I was afraid she'd fall down. We even saw some cacti and that would be bad to fall on! Ben was hurrying ahead of us. Finally, Kannon called to him to come back where we were. On his way down, fast, he fell and hit the same knee he'd scraped up a few days before. So, we quickly found a tree - and it was perfect for us.

(I love this picture of me!)

Last year we had to hike in crotch-deep snow, shake the snow off each tree - only to discover it wasn't good enough. Then we only had a hand saw to cut it down. I was so grateful for the convenience of this years event.

Kannon - carrying Sarah and the tree back down the mountain. I took the chain saw.

We had brought a nice little picnic with us, but we ate it around 10:30, on the drive, when we were all hungry. We still had some hot chocolate, though, so we drank that and warmed up a bit.

We were listening to Christmas songs on the radio. Here are Kannon's and Ben's reactions to the song "The 12 Pains of Christmas". There was a lot of laughter. It was a great time.

On the way back down the mountain, I decided not to hold tight, to just swing with the vehicle. From the seat behind me, Ben asked, "what are you doing? It looks like you're dancing." I'm not really sure which way was less stressful on my body. All I know is that my neck and shoulders were stiff for a few days. I also taught the kids about the "oh crap" handle and decided to change it to the "oh no" handle. (I think [hope] they don't know what crap is yet.) Sarah was a bit bothered that she couldn't reach hers. She would let me know when I had let go of mine - it kind of concerned her. We stopped to visit Kannon's uncle Mike, in Dayton, on our way home. Then we set up the tree, ate dinner, and decorated it. It was a really nice day and a good family memory.

Ward Christmas Party

The 6th was our ward Christmas party. I thought it went well. I waited a little too long to make my pie and potatoes. So, the pie could've used a little more time in the fridge and the potatoes could have spent a little more warming time in the oven. Oh well. By the time we got to the food table, most of the potatoes were cool anyway. I didn't eat any of my own. We'd bought a 25 lb. bag of potatoes from someone that brought them down from Idaho. I split the bag with a friend. I thought I was crazy, because they kept tasting bitter to me. Kannon couldn't taste that. So, I chalked it up to the pregnancy. But, my friend said some of hers were bitter, too. Anyway, those are the potatoes I used in my casserole and I didn't want to have that in my mouth, again. I have a bunch more that I'm afraid to use. I didn't get to eat my pies (I was sampling about 3 of them) until we were home. I was full and busy.
Santa came at the end. Nobody knew the words to "Here comes Santa Claus". Including me! Both of the kids were excited. Sarah didn't want to stay in line. It took a lot of effort to keep her from just going up and talking to him before her turn. I'm sure this is Ben telling him he wants Pixos and an orange camera.
I'm not sure she said much, I just accidentally deleted the video I took of her here. But, she was there long enough to get her bag of goodies.

If you look closely, you can see me here. I was singing a song after the shepherds came. I sang with my friend, Donna. She has this incredible opera soprano voice. I always feel a little inadequate singing with her. But, it's never been just the 2 of us. I should have had the mike a little closer to me. Oh well. And the next day, this younger sister (like 19 or 20 - and just visiting) said I sounded so good the night before. I said thank you and that I wasn't sure I did well next to Donna's voice. She said, "Oh, I thought that was you." Some compliment, huh? She didn't know I wasn't the one with the good voice!

The primary also sang. This is the first time Ben has really known the songs, and sung them. Sorry for the blurry picture. I was far away and it was dark. Here he is next to a few of his best friends.

Christmas tree lighting and random silliness!

One time I made these little face snacks with Benjamin. He remembered them and wanted to make some again. We helped Sarah with one, too. She made a frowny face snack - then they ate them, of course!

We hadn't cleaned up our dinner when we left for the Christmas tree lighting. Sarah attacked the hamburger buns. I gave her one - later she came in to me with this concoction in her hands. It took me awhile to figure out that she had taken all of the leftover buns (at least 4) and mashed them together. Then she would eat bites off of it. Of course, most of it ended up in the trash.

Just over a week ago we ventured out for the Christmas tree lighting. This was the 74th year and our towns 100th anniversary. I thought it would be all cool. Well, it was cold. We only live a few blocks away, so we walked.

Then we waited, while listening to the Jr. High choir, I guess. They weren't very good, and the speakers made it sound even worse. Lots of people around. Sarah walked in circles until her Dad picked her up - Ben took over the stroller.

I was so intent on getting a picture of Sarah as the tree was lit, that I forgot to take a picture of the tree afterwards.

When they flipped the switch to light the tree, there were about 6 snow machines that started making snow. It looked cool, but was kind of like foamy bubbles. Ben went right over, it took Sarah a few more minutes to want to explore. Then we went home.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Friday, Dec. 5

On the 5th, we took the kids to the park for a picnic. Kannon had the whole week off and we enjoyed spending quality time with him. It was a little cooler than I'd hoped, so we didn't play too long. We took leftover grilled cheese sandwiches, chips, apples, and hot chocolate. The kids played on the slides, swings and jungle gym. Kannon challenged Ben to climb across this from the inside. He was feeling pretty weak by the end - but, he made it! Sarah was fun to watch on this, too. She was pretty daring. Climbing high then swinging into the inside where she would drop to the ground.

We had fun playing with the Christmas hats one morning. I'm not sure where Kannon was this day?

Friday, December 5, 2008

B of M giveaway

check this out - www.gluenglitter.blogspot.com - my friend Angie makes and sells these great Books of Mormon - she is giving one away!

Ben's Own Post

So, we started this post a long time ago - but Ben's been too Shy? I guess to finish it. He didn't know what to write - wanted me to. Anyway, these are some pictures he took one Sunday morning. He really likes taking pictures. Here's his self-portrait.

After I showed him the timer!
He also says a lot of funny things. Yesterday, on our drive to Reno, he wanted to play a game. So, I asked him 5 questions and he was supposed to ask me 5 questions. Here are his answers to a few of them.
What do you think it will be like to be 6-years old? - You'll have to tie double knots. If you had chickens, you'd have to get the eggs. And do bigger numbers in math.
If you could have a pet, what would it be? He hemmed and haaed a lot, then said he didn't want one because they're too hard to take care of. I remedied my question.
If you didn't have to take care of it, what would you pick? Immediately - a bird.
This is a video he took on my camera, also. Silliness!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


We had a lovely Thanksgiving. We really enjoyed all the family. On Monday, we went out to my mom's and loaded up our firewood. We had spent a Saturday in Winnemucca (in November) cutting trees. Kannon did a great job of cutting them all. As of today, we have all of our wood cut and stacked for the rest of the winter. Not sure it will be enough - but it's a comfort to have it ready. It's been such a mild winter, so far. We've not had to use the wood stove much. Anyway, that Monday we chose to do a service project for Family Home Evening by helping my mom clean her house. She put us in charge of dusting and we all helped out. Hopefully it really was a help to her. Kannon ended up getting off early on Wednesday, so we spent the evening out there (the kids and I spent the morning out there, too - but I had to make my pies, still and Sarah needed a nap - we went home for the afternoon.) We had planned on having a bonfire Weds. night, but it rained that day, and the wood was wet. I don't think anyone felt like being outside right then anyway. We played "Apples to Apples" and just enjoyed visiting. All, but my oldest brother and his wife, were there. That made for a full house, but I think we all like it that way. Thursday some of the kids came into town to play soccer at the school. I finished getting things ready for dinner and took Sarah out to my mom's. There I helped get other fixings ready until everyone was there. Dinner was great. I really wanted to eat more, just because it was good food, but the tummy said FULL. Later, there was pie - lots of it. We brought one or two pies each. Lots of Wii playing - Rock Band, Mario Party, and a Brain game. And they did light a fire in the pit in the backyard. I think I'm the only one who didn't go outside. I was feeling too chilly, and didn't think the fire would be enough for me.
We got up early (but late - the alarm didn't go off, and we were about 15 minutes late for meeting some of the fam - Sorry!) on Friday morning. My sister Susan came over to stay with the kids and bil Dave met us for the Walmart sales. Kind of stinks that that is all we have. But, there were a few sale items that we really wanted to get. I think we got lucky and found everything on our list, and stayed within our budget! Back home I went back to bed, Kannon went to Sears for a tool on sale. He ended up staying up with the kids and let me sleep in for quite awhile. He's been incredible lately. Really taking care of me. We spent at least half the day at my parents. Each day we had one less family. Janet and Levi had to leave Thursday evening. Nathan and Jackie left Friday morning. Nancy and Dave and kids were there until Sunday morning, and Susan and Stephen left on Sunday, too, I think.
On Saturday, Kannon offered to go to Winnemucca and help his bil, Clint, put in their wood stove. He offered to take the kids and I didn't complain! I had a lazy day - got laundry done and most of the Christmas stuff up. It seems like I have less each year. For one thing, I keep weeding out - getting rid of things that just don't thrill me. Also, we don't have a lot of space for putting stuff, so the minimum works. I did go out to my parent's house for pizza and a movie - we watched "Elf" but I fell asleep at the end. My family wasn't home until about 8:30 pm - dirty and tired - although the kids didn't go to sleep til almost 10!
On Sunday I sang with a group in my parents ward. About a month or so ago, the ward boundaries in our stake were reorganized. A good portion of our ward (3rd) moved to my parents ward (6th), and we got another good portion from the 4th ward. We had been practicing a song for Thanksgiving, but most of the 3rd ward singers were now in the 6th ward. Anyway, one of those sisters asked me if I would sing with that song with a group. So, I did - I ended up being the only one from the 3rd ward, which was kind of awkward - like people would wonder why I was there. They also added a few visitors, though, some of my friends I used to sing with in Jr. High and High School. I really loved singing with Annie again. We practiced the song together twice - she and her dad were the last ones to show up and everyone else was finished practicing. I didn't need the practice, but really just wanted to sing with her. She has an amazing voice - as do her whole family. I guess I should also let you know that right before the ward changes I was released from Young Women's and called as a Relief Society teacher. That calling makes me nervous. Not only do I feel inadequate to teach all of these sisters, but so many of them were my teachers as a child and youth! I've taught twice and had good responses both times. I'm looking forward to learning more and growing in a new place. It's been a long time since I had a Relief Society calling.
So, Kannon kind of got a short layoff. They had Thanksgiving and the day after off as normal. But they let him know that he wouldn't need to come in on Monday. Then the called Monday and said they wouldn't need him until Tuesday. AAAGGGHHH! What a time of year for that! So, he's been around all week. Like I said earlier, he's been taking really good care of me. He's been the dishes guy, which is normally my job, and really helping with the kids. He cleaned the backyard really good and is working on getting our freezer working again.
Over Thanksgiving I had a tooth that was really bothering me. Well, I didn't know that it was just one tooth. I haven't been to the dentist for a few years. It just was hard to do it - I have to go to Reno, and get someone to watch the kids, and it costs money even with insurance, and my teeth had been doing really well. I am so careful with my teeth. I brush twice a day, floss every day, and still have had problems throughout my life. I've been cursed to inherit that trait. The last times at the dentist he had told me to use a sensitive toothpaste for the sensitivity in my teeth. I also have receding gums and that doesn't help. So, off and on I would have some sensitivity and figure it was just that. Over Thanksgiving it was pretty bad and even some pressure when chewing. So, I called on Friday and scheduled an appointment. I went in on Tuesday morning - Kannon stayed home with the kids and I was looking forward to doing a little shopping/looking by myself. Well, first thing in to the office the dentist chews me out for not using my insurance and coming in every six months. Then they do the x-ray of the area, and the helper lady says, "oh boy, that's why." He comes in and curses - "Oh gosh!" Only not gosh. So, I'm thoroughly freaked out. He's mad. He shows me what happened. One of my fillings, an old one, was not done real well, and basically let in the germs that ate their way to my nerves, about half way through the tooth. So, all this time I'm thinking sensitivity, and it's a huge cavity. I had to have a root canal - well half of it anyway - I go back on Weds. for the rest of the job. He certainly did reprimand me, and I don't do well with that. I cried. That's what I do. Needless to say, I didn't feel much like playing afterward. But, I did what I needed to get done. The numbing was wearing off as I left Reno, and I was really hurting all the way home. My jaw was so sore, still is. I guess that could be from all the needling! The tooth hurts if I bite down on it, so I just eat on the other side and I'm okay. Well, you can bet I will be visiting the dentist regularly, as well as finding a dentist for the kids. Kannon has those non-problem teeth. He never flosses and never has cavities. Hopefully my kids inherited those and not mine!
Okay, so I know there's been a lot to read here. And no pictures, either. I just haven't been in the taking mood. I haven't been in much of a mood at all, lately. I finished reading all of Laura Ingalls Wilder's books over the last few weeks. Really made me think about the simplicity of her life - being so happy with so little. Not that they were without their struggles. I nearly cried as they lost crop after crop. Anyway, during "The Long Winter" she often said she felt so stupid, or that she couldn't think. As I thought about that I thought of the word stupor. That's how I've felt lately. For about a month or so. I think I know the reason, but there could be more to it, I guess. Anyway, I am pregnant! There's the big news. Probably why I haven't blogged lately. To me that was the only newsworthy item, that we weren't sharing, yet. We told our families at Thanksgiving. At my parents', we went around the table saying what we were thankful for. At Sarah's turn, I prompted her to say she was thankful that she was going to be a big sister. Everyone seemed very excited for us. Every Christmas I embroider the grandkids names on a Christmas sweatshirt for my mother-in-law. This year we added the due date 7-7-09 (although the doctor told me today it is 7-6-09). At first she wasn't sure who it belonged to. But she was pretty excited for us, also. We've been trying for so long. Sarah will just be turning 3, Ben 6. So, I guess ours come every 3 years. Anyway, I'm feeling so much sicker this time. I don't throw-up, just feel nauseous ALL DAY LONG! Even the prescription I was given didn't help. One good thing to come from that is that I've lost more weight. Down a total of 12 pounds since I started last summer! I don't do much of anything these days. I make sure the kids are fed, usually get dinner made, and do the laundry. I usually get a shower, too. Although there have been a few days where I was in pj's til the afternoon! I just don't feel like doing anything. We haven't even been going to the library, which resulted in quite a few books being overdue! That's not normal for me. I've been in this stupor. Kind of a fog. Not desire to do, not motivation, nothing. That's how I was all through Thanksgiving. I sat, and read, and sat. I feel so neglectful of my home and family. I am also extra cranky. That's how I was with my last pregnancy, too. Mostly I get that way in the afternoons. I'm trying really hard to stay in control.
So, I hope that those of you who've been wanting this for us, too, can rejoice with us. If you are struggling with getting pregnant or wanting a baby, I hope you will be able to rejoice with us soon. I know how hard it is to hear from someone that's expecting, when that is your greatest desire. I also know that the anger goes away eventually. We feel very blessed to have this opportunity, not always worthy, but definitely a blessing. We wish you those same blessings!
I guess that's kind of it for now. I'll really try to keep up a little more. We've got some fun Christmasy, family things planned for the next few days. I'll try to get excited about taking some pictures!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

a POOPY day

So as I was going through my friends blogs I came across one of an old friend. We knew each other before we were married. She, her fiance, her brother, their good friend and my old district leader, and I were all in the same ward in Provo. She was even at my first bridal shower. Anyway, last fall I saw them at the soccer field. Crazy! That this couple would end up in Fallon of all places. She's no longer here but I checked out her blog anyway, to see what she's been up to. Along in there she was sharing a story about poop, that I just kind of skimmed through - I didn't even feel bad for her situation - I think all mothers have gone through them, including me. About two minutes later, this is what I hear from the bathroom, "Mom, Sarah just pooped in the tub!!" What!? I thought we were past that. The kids were having fun and I wasn't paying attention. The were out of the tub, lickety-split, and I was in charge of clean-up, of course. I don't need to tell you, though, that if the kids were having fun in the tub it means there were lots of toys in there, too. They came out first, and into the sink for later clean-up. Well, the later ended up being when it was time for brushing teeth and I remembered they were there. I took all the toys out and before I could clean out the sink I hear Ben telling Sarah, "don't touch that -it's poop." I rush back into the bathroom to find her scrubbing the sink with her little pink toothbrush! I'm going to go back and read that blog thoroughly, and remember that there are others out there who WILL empathize with me!
She also always ended her blog posts with 3 good things. It was such an uplifting thing even on her disappointing days - I'm sure it helped her count her blessings, too. I don't thing she would mind if I borrowed from her. So here are mine for today:

good things:
1) soap!
2) big brothers
3) bedtime

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Book Tag

Here are the rules:
1. Pick up the nearest book (at least 123 pages).
2. Turn to page 123.
3. Find the 5th sentence
4. Post the 5th sentence on your blog
5. Tag 5 people

Book: Dr. Dobson Answers Your Questions
"He doesn't even know the meaning of the word."

I was hoping this would be some profound statement. I even thought about cheating. But, it is what it is. It was in answer to a question about teaching our children self-discipline. Although I had a cute quote once - I don't remember it perfectly now - A child was asked about his willingness to do something hard (I think)- he said "I told myself to do it and then I obeyed myself." If we were all so obedient to ourselves!
So, I'm not tagging anyone this time around. If you'd like to do it, let me know so I can read your profound sentence, too!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My hair

When I was a teenager (and probably even later on) my little sister, Susan, would brush my hair. Sometimes because I begged her to. It's something I've always loved and my husband used to do it for me, too. Well, yesterday I had gotten out of the shower, ran a comb through my hair and sat on the couch with the kids. A minute later, Sarah went and got my brush from the bathroom and started brushing my hair. She would say, "Oh pretty hair. See the curls." It wasn't feeling too good, she brushed pretty hard, so I wiggled a bit. She said, "hold still." Which is what I say to her quite often when doing her hair. Just for fun I wiggled more. After a while I asked her to do it softer. That's when she decided to quit. It was a rare and sweet moment.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

If I had a million dollars - tag

Five Things I was doing 10 years ago:

1- Tracting

2- Getting to know my new companion

3- re-learning how to be a senior companion

4- Probably district and zone meetings

5- Teaching someone the gospel of Jesus Christ

Five things on my to-do list today:

1- Go to the Library

2- Clean the bathroom

3- Clean living room floor

4- Put down rug in living room

5- Make dinner

Five snacks that I enjoy:

1- apples

2- smoothies

3- graham crackers

4- cheese

5- ice cream

Five things I would do if I were a millionaire:

1- Buy a bigger house

2- Pay off all our debts and all our families debts.

3- Help Janet and Levi adopt

4- Get an eliptical machine and anything else that would help me lose weight.

5- Travel the world

Five places I have lived:

1- Fallon, Nevada

2- Enid, Oklahoma

3- Orem, Utah

4- Rexburg, Idaho

5- Smith Valley, Nevada

Five Jobs I have had:

1- Burger King cashier

2- custodian

3- data entry operator

4- telemarketer

5- inventory clerk

Each player answers the question themselves. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leaves them a comment letting them know that they've been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person that tagged you know when you've answered the questions on your blog.

Five people I tag:

1- Kim S.

2- Jen A.

3- Raylynn

4- Teri

5- Susan

Last Days!

That got your attention, didn't it! I just meant our last few days -what we've been up to. Kannon had friday off for Halloween. Just kidding - it was Nevada Day. He had a whole list of things he wanted to do. I showered, voted, and sat at Les Schwab for 1 1/2 hours while they rotated our tires. I also managed to rake the few leaves in our yard into a pile for the kids to play in. They didn't enjoy them as much as I thought they would. But it lasted for a few minutes.

We went to Winnemucca that afternoon. We did the trunk-or-treat with the cousins and spent the night with them. The kids had a hard time going to sleep, but we enjoyed playing Hokie-5 (kind of like Nertz, for those of you we used to play with!). On Saturday, Kannon and our brother-in-law went about 35 miles away to cut down wood for the winter. We'd borrowed my cousins dump trailer and they got a full load. I spent the day visiting and fussing over the kids. I had a harder time dealing with 6 children in one place. Lots of fighting, tattling, getting hurt, crying, hitting, etc. We also went to Kate's last soccer game and it started to rain just as we were leaving. We were really blessed, the guys got home just as the rain started, too. It rained on us all the way home - this was our view. I'm so grateful for the rain. We need it so bad this year.

"Christmas is coming. . . .

. . . the goose is getting fat,
Won't you please put a penny
in the old man's hat.
If you haven't got a penny,
a ha' penny will do.
If you haven't got a ha' penny,
then God bless you!"

This cute rhyme runs through my head often (and sometimes out my lips) this time of year.

I may be a bit premature, but I don't care. Yesterday I listened to Christmas music on Pandora radio. I also went to Walmart and discovered that they are all decked out for Christmas. AND, I saw my first Christmas commercial. So, I guess I'm not the only one excited! Plus, I don't have a lot of decorations for Thanksgiving, so it's almost like a let-down to take down the Halloween. I'm looking forward to putting up Christmas. It's fun to really discover what I like - I weed out every year. Just 50 more days.

Oh, yeah. And I've been putting off building a fire all day. It's been cold. I'm wearing a jacket and socks - my real winter wear. I think I knew in the back of my mind that if I built a fire, I'd be building fires for months. I'm the fire-builder in the family, usually because I'm the one home in the a.m. to do it. But, can you believe we've been able to go this long without one!? So, I finally gave in and built one about an hour ago. Now, we'll be nice and cozy.
By the way, that is our new hearth that Kannon and I built. He built the wood part, we worked together on the tiling. We're pretty happy with it.

Halloween activities.

We carved our pumpkins for FHE last week. I invited our neighbors to come play with us - they ended up just having an apple crumb with us instead. I scooped both kids guts for them. Ben wanted to use these lite-bright type of pins and poked them in his pumpkin for a bat design. Sarah wanted a sad face, so I carved hers. I tried this cat and jack-o-lantern design. Next year I'm getting a little one like Sarah's. It was so much easier to scrape and carve!
The picture of Kannon's finished pumpkin didn't turn out. Here he is working on it.

Our pumpkins lit up, Kannon wasn't finished yet. You can barely see Ben's on the right. I don't think we'll use those again, unless we really scrape down the side.

Ready for the Ward Halloween Party. Me as the Princess Fiona, Kannon is an outlaw, Ben = Batman, and Sarah is our little princess.
We really enjoyed the party. Eating chili and cornbread - we were last years winner of the chili contest. The kids participated in the parade and then joined in the fun games and activities.

Sarah decorated a pumpkin cookie. She was concentrating really hard, hence the tongue!

Kannon was in charge of the golf game. Not really sure what they did. Just get the ball in the hole, I guess, and win a prize.

Here's Ben on the bean bag toss. Both he and Sarah did really well with this game. There was also a cake walk and fish pond.

After all that we had a trunk or treat. Kannon handed out the candy while I took Sarah around. Ben took off with one of his friends. When we were done, Sarah sat with Daddy and I loaded the car up with our stuff.

I had Ben take a close-up for me. Oh yeah! I won the adult costume contest! I felt like I earned it. That took a lot of guts for me to go with a green face.
We went to Winnemucca on Halloween Eve. We stayed with Kannon's sister and family. This is the kids before their trunk or treat.

Stetson, the cowboy- Ben - Sarah - Kate, another princess - and Quade, the horse.

I know this is blurry, but I kind of liked the effect of movement. Sarah, Kate and Ben.

After they got their candy, Quade and Sarah parked on the grass and dug into their bags! They also each had a doughnut in one hand!

Kannon and Sarah almost ready to go.
So, we have tons of candy. Ben is much more interested in it than Sarah. I'm definitely doing the pay for candy thing next year. I don't like having it around to tempt me either. At least there wasn't too much chocolate!