Friday, March 28, 2008


I had a weird moment, this week, that took all day. Every time I switch the kids clothes from one season, or size, to the next, I think about how unorganized my boxes of clothes have become. Since I plan on having more children, I've kept all of my clothes. But, as they've grown out of spit rags or crib sheets, I've just put them in the current size box. On Tuesday I pulled out every box of clothes and went through each one, reorganizing them. Almost as if I were preparing for a new baby. (That's not a hint - still very NOT pregnant.) Totally felt like nesting - just spring fever?

Easter weekend

I'm still complaining about Easter being in March. I totally plan on celebrating again in April. I'm sure Ben won't complain about decorating eggs again. Plus, what else would I use as decorations for the month of April if I don't put up the easter stuff. It just felt too weird putting it up with the St. Patricks Day decorations. We had a great weekend in Elko with Kannon's family. He took half of Friday off so we could get there a little earlier. We took our new favorite game - Bang - with us and played with the family that night. On Saturday, Kannon went shopping with his dad. When that happens I worry for awhile that he'll spend too much. Then I remember that his dad usually pays for anything he gets. I went to the park with the kids and grandma and Aunt Marisha. They really had a great time there. It's a huge play area. Almost too huge. I kept getting nervous when I couldn't see Ben. He was too quick to keep up with and there were some questionable characters around. Sarah got a kick out of the tall, twisty slide. She'd walk in as far as she could, drop and slide. Grandma was at the bottom and would talk to her the whole time - it was like she was right next to her, the way the sound carries up a slide! I got to watch a couple of my young women playing softball across the street. It was fun to see them in their element. In the past 2 years I've not taken the time to go to their games, so I was glad it was convenient. Then we went shoe shopping. Both of the kids needed new church shoes. There was a lot of whining, though. Later, in the evening, I went back with my mother-in-law to do our own shoe shopping. I finally replaced my sneakers and found a pair of hiking boots for girls camp this year. We also decorated some eggs. Ben only got to do 2 of them. That's another reason I'd like to do them again. I was taking my time on an egg and Kannon's brother, Brock, kept making fun of me just sitting there holding an egg over the dye. He didn't understand that to me that was art and I was really enjoying myself! It was getting late when we finally hid the eggs for them to find. Benjamin didn't get the concept of letting Sarah find the easy ones. So I helped her find most of hers. We played Bang again that evening. Sunday went well. I always worry a little about the kids in a different ward. Ben is still a little shy, but it didn't take him too long to get comfortable. At least this is the ward we usually visit - he'll get to know everyone eventually. The last time I took Sarah to the nursery there, she wasn't quite old enough and ended up screaming for a long time. This time she did well. I stayed until the other kids quit crying and she was interested in a toy and then I snuck out. She stayed happy the whole time. We had a wonderfully large meal, then relaxed for the afternoon. I ended up all cranky on the ride home. Don't know where that came from! And it took me a few days to truly be "home".

A day at the Park

I've been trying to do more fun things with my children. It makes me feel better about being a mom and when they (Benj) complain that I don't ever spend time with them I can remind them about what we've done. During our "Indian" spring (I don't know what else to call it. Every year we have a week or two of spring-summer weather and then it gets really cold again.) we went on a picnic to the park. I got to use my newly acquired snack-n-seal to make round pb&j's. Benjamin picked out a blanket we could sit on. Then we played on the toys. Well, they played and I watched. We brought Ben's bike, too. He just learned how to ride without training wheels and really enjoyed riding it on the sidewalks there. Sarah likes the slide and this little bulldozer toy that rocks back and forth.

Monday, March 17, 2008

March weather, pt. 2

The last few days have been really cold, here in Fallon. But, before that it was definitely spring. Enough that I was willing to go play with my kids. That's Ben's favorite thing - spending time with mom or dad. We had some fun on the trampoline and digging for Ben's garden, pulling out dead plants, and playing in the "tree"house. I know they drew chalk pictures with Dad, one day, too. It always makes me laugh when people are surprised at the return of winter. It happens every year, like Indian summer. I love Nevada!

22 Dozen Roses!

When we got home from our Walmart trip last Thursday night I had a message from a lady in my mom's ward. She wanted to know if I could make 10 centerpieces for her daughters wedding reception the next night (also our ward party night). I have a hard time saying no when I would hope someone would help me out in a similar situation. So, Friday about 10 a.m. 22 dozen roses and a bucket of greens arrived. I spent the rest of the day making these vase arrangements. It was hard to ignore the baby when she wanted me and letting Ben watch TV most of the day. My sister stopped by for a bit and ran to the store for me - I needed laundry soap to finish the laundry I was trying to do that day and eggs to make a green dessert for the party. The last few hours I kept saying, "I just want to be done!" I had made 5 arrangements when I realized I needed to use more flowers in each one or I'd have too many left over. It ended up being around 24 roses each, plus a larger one for the sign in table. The next day she brought me one of the arrangements and a bag of frozen shrimp and thanked me again. So, it's been nice to enjoy these gorgeous roses. AND, I was able to share one of my talents - hopefully gaining more skill at the same time.

St. Patricks Day

This is the first time since I was a kid that I had a real reason to dress up in my green (Greenwavers! Anyone have great memories of homecoming weeks' green and white day?!) So, the night before our ward party we took a family trip to Walmart to find our get-ups. I found a cute green shirt for Sarah that said "I (heart) rainbows". We bought some crazy hats - and even a green wig. Benjamin picked out this crazy spiky ball hat-thing. At the dollar store we got a couple of green boas and star helium ballons for the kids. Kannon also made a stop at Savers on his lunch break. He wore a 2-foot tall green hat, a green Sonics basketball jersey, some green camo shorts, and we painted a green beard and mustache on. He won the contest for the best adult costume and a gift certificate to DQ (date night anyone?). Silly us, we didn't take any pictures of our St. Pat's party clothes, but I got Benjamin to pose with his bike today. Our ward was having a dinner and talent show. Kannon's talent was some welding he had done. Benjamin wanted to ride his bike. For the 2 weeks before he had been learning and practicing riding without his training wheels. We got permission for him to do this at the talent show. Kannon helped him decorate his bike and he wore his head thing and green swim goggles. He rode in front of the stage 2 times to the music of "Cars". It was my favorite part of the night. Others agreed with me - definitely the most original. The talent I brought to share was a few of my scrapbooks - but I felt so NOT talented when they were placed next to another set of scrapbooks - done much nicer and cuter than mine.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


This week I decided that my blog would have to serve as my personal journal since I write here a LOT more than in there. I wondered if I should print them and get a binder, but I really like a hand-written journal and want my posterity to have the opportunity to read them. I came to the conclusion that I would re-write, by hand, what I write in my blog and possibly add to it. This morning I've had that opportunity. Sarah has had a bug and I stayed home with her so she wouldn't throw up at church. She has been asleep the whole time and I've done my rewriting! I realized a few things. I use "so" a lot. Second-of-all [Kim ;) ], I write a lot nicer things about my family when I think others are reading. It felt really good to put compliments about my husband into my journal and not negative feelings. I really am grateful to have him as my partner in this life, and I don't express that often enough. I've used my journal a lot as a tool for venting and I don't want my children to think I only ever had negative things to say about him. So, (see there I go again) I am glad I've chosen to do this journal change and feel fairly excited that I can actually keep up on my life a little more that way. (The last time I had written in my journal was October 2007!)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Isn't sleep wonderful?! I'm sure as teens we were all aware of Saturday mornings and being able to "sleep in". In college it was "sleep only when nothing exciting is going on". And as a parent it's "please let me sleep through the night!" I've discovered how grumpy I get without my 8 hours of sleep. (I don't know how Kannon does it! He gets up at 5 am., or earlier, and doesn't usually get to sleep til 10 or 11 pm.) For the most part my kids sleep well. Some mornings (5 or 6 am) Sarah fusses. This morning Kannon got up and then when she fussed again I got up. She cried again and I had to rock her to sleep. So, poor Ben, when he came in at 7:30 and I had just gone back to sleep (after building a fire), I snapped at him. When he came in again wanting me to pour him some water, I kind of flipped out. I huffed, threw back the covers, grabbed my glasses, knocked something off my husbands dresser and took care of the drink. Facing my kitchen - which was ignored yesterday - I dug in to the dishes. My sweet husband got the cold shoulder when he hugged me good morning and said "I love you". After about an hour of working out whatever was in me (or not in me - enough sleep) I became the mom again and the rest of the morning went well. So, it's early to bed for me tonight - I want to be a new person tomorrow!

A (very) Random Sunday.

Just some random Sunday stuff. We get out of church at 3:30 this year and that makes it hard to get naps done. So, we decided not to go visit the fam and just stayed home doing whatever! We did a puzzle together, helped Sarah with playdough, called brother JJ and Grandma, blogged!, played with plastic food and took pictures. Here is a collection of some of our craziness! By the way, only 299 days til Christmas!

This is a picture of Ben taking the picture you'll see next.
This is one of Ben's pictures - Dad's book and alarm clock.

Ben's #2 - Dad's candy machine full of jolly rancher jelly beans. Mmmmmmmmmmm!

Ben with his mouth full of donuts!

Dad with donut eyes and Sarah who went to bed shortly after this photo was taken!

March comes in like a lamb?

Yesterday we left the house at 6 am - took the kids in their pj's over to Grammy's. Aunt and Uncle were technically supposed to babysit, but Grammy did it all. (She's wonderful!) Kannon and I drove the hour (+) to Reno to attend an 8 am session at the temple. I was stocked with gobstoppers, gum, and lifesaver tarts - to keep me awake (I've had too many late nights this week!) I really enjoyed being there. We had planned on going sledding with the kids afterwards, but it was super windy - making it super cool! (What kind of a lamb is that? More like the lion I'd say!) So, we met up with Janet and Levi (they brought our kids) at Nathan and Jackie's. We decided to check out Cabella's. Ben had gotten carsick on the way from Fallon to Reno and kind of just wanted to go home (although by the time we got there he was fine and excited). So driving there he kept saying he didn't want to go to "Clarabelle's". I think we all enjoyed the "stuffed-animal displays" but the crowd kind of got to all of us. Sarah's at that age where she doesn't want to sit in the cart, doesn't want to be held, and doesn't want you to hold her hand. So, we were wrestling with her the whole time. And Ben wanted to buy every "treat" he saw. We did purchase this flavoring stuff - some spices that you add to ground meat (any kind) then bake it. We got salami and pepperoni. They had some samples and were pretty good. We didn't get the bologna, though, because bologna makes me gag. I think maybe I had too much as a kid or something? We also made a stop at Savers - our favorite thrift store. I made out with the childrens books (meaning I got a lot of books!). We got Ben some new church sweaters, some work shirts and sweatshirts for Kannon, and a Leapfrog toy for Sarah. It was a quiet drive home - I drove (using gobstoppers, again, to stay awake) while everyone else slept. We had a quiet few hours at home and then went over to visit some friends. While there I made some barrettes for the baby. That was fun - probably more fun than picking them out at the store. This way I got to use my imagination! Sarah had such a good time, she didn't want to leave! That's a first for her. Usually she is so ready to go. All in all, a good day with the family. (And an early night for mom!)