Friday, March 28, 2008


I had a weird moment, this week, that took all day. Every time I switch the kids clothes from one season, or size, to the next, I think about how unorganized my boxes of clothes have become. Since I plan on having more children, I've kept all of my clothes. But, as they've grown out of spit rags or crib sheets, I've just put them in the current size box. On Tuesday I pulled out every box of clothes and went through each one, reorganizing them. Almost as if I were preparing for a new baby. (That's not a hint - still very NOT pregnant.) Totally felt like nesting - just spring fever?


Nancy said...

That's very interesting. I haven't felt much like doing any of that "nesting" stuff, but then again I never did with Tyler either. I have been worried that I won't get everything ready in time though. So the past few days I have been thinking of anything I need to get or do and working on it. Well its always good to get organized. Good work!

Hanna, Daniel and Brinley said...

I feel like I'm "nesting" 95% of the time! I've never been pregnant, but I always think, " I should have the carpets cleaned in case we get baby #2!" It is a weird feeling...but it's understandable that you would feel that way going through tiny clothes! Take care! :)