Monday, March 17, 2008

March weather, pt. 2

The last few days have been really cold, here in Fallon. But, before that it was definitely spring. Enough that I was willing to go play with my kids. That's Ben's favorite thing - spending time with mom or dad. We had some fun on the trampoline and digging for Ben's garden, pulling out dead plants, and playing in the "tree"house. I know they drew chalk pictures with Dad, one day, too. It always makes me laugh when people are surprised at the return of winter. It happens every year, like Indian summer. I love Nevada!


Nancy said...

Ha ha! I love that picture of Sarah and her hair. And boy am I glad to live in this wonderful Sacramento climate. Its been so warm lately. I love it.

Danna said...

Hi Betsy! Thanks for saying 'hi' on my blog! How are you? Your kids are sure cute--and you've got a boy & girl like me! How's good ole' Fallon these days? The last time I was there was on my honeymoon (almost 6 yrs. ago), when we went to Tahoe, we drove though so I could show Ryan my old house & high school. Hope you are well and see you in the blogosphere!