Sunday, March 2, 2008

March comes in like a lamb?

Yesterday we left the house at 6 am - took the kids in their pj's over to Grammy's. Aunt and Uncle were technically supposed to babysit, but Grammy did it all. (She's wonderful!) Kannon and I drove the hour (+) to Reno to attend an 8 am session at the temple. I was stocked with gobstoppers, gum, and lifesaver tarts - to keep me awake (I've had too many late nights this week!) I really enjoyed being there. We had planned on going sledding with the kids afterwards, but it was super windy - making it super cool! (What kind of a lamb is that? More like the lion I'd say!) So, we met up with Janet and Levi (they brought our kids) at Nathan and Jackie's. We decided to check out Cabella's. Ben had gotten carsick on the way from Fallon to Reno and kind of just wanted to go home (although by the time we got there he was fine and excited). So driving there he kept saying he didn't want to go to "Clarabelle's". I think we all enjoyed the "stuffed-animal displays" but the crowd kind of got to all of us. Sarah's at that age where she doesn't want to sit in the cart, doesn't want to be held, and doesn't want you to hold her hand. So, we were wrestling with her the whole time. And Ben wanted to buy every "treat" he saw. We did purchase this flavoring stuff - some spices that you add to ground meat (any kind) then bake it. We got salami and pepperoni. They had some samples and were pretty good. We didn't get the bologna, though, because bologna makes me gag. I think maybe I had too much as a kid or something? We also made a stop at Savers - our favorite thrift store. I made out with the childrens books (meaning I got a lot of books!). We got Ben some new church sweaters, some work shirts and sweatshirts for Kannon, and a Leapfrog toy for Sarah. It was a quiet drive home - I drove (using gobstoppers, again, to stay awake) while everyone else slept. We had a quiet few hours at home and then went over to visit some friends. While there I made some barrettes for the baby. That was fun - probably more fun than picking them out at the store. This way I got to use my imagination! Sarah had such a good time, she didn't want to leave! That's a first for her. Usually she is so ready to go. All in all, a good day with the family. (And an early night for mom!)

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Elizabeth "Betsy" said...

So, in the wee hours of this morning I realized I had it backwards. March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Don't I feel retarded. So our March really started out that way!