Sunday, March 9, 2008


This week I decided that my blog would have to serve as my personal journal since I write here a LOT more than in there. I wondered if I should print them and get a binder, but I really like a hand-written journal and want my posterity to have the opportunity to read them. I came to the conclusion that I would re-write, by hand, what I write in my blog and possibly add to it. This morning I've had that opportunity. Sarah has had a bug and I stayed home with her so she wouldn't throw up at church. She has been asleep the whole time and I've done my rewriting! I realized a few things. I use "so" a lot. Second-of-all [Kim ;) ], I write a lot nicer things about my family when I think others are reading. It felt really good to put compliments about my husband into my journal and not negative feelings. I really am grateful to have him as my partner in this life, and I don't express that often enough. I've used my journal a lot as a tool for venting and I don't want my children to think I only ever had negative things to say about him. So, (see there I go again) I am glad I've chosen to do this journal change and feel fairly excited that I can actually keep up on my life a little more that way. (The last time I had written in my journal was October 2007!)


WolfleyFamily said...

I think it's a great idea. I take things that I blog and add to them the more personal things when I put it in my journal. There are just some things too personal (feelings and such) that I don't want to broadcast on here but do want to let my posterity know about.

Emily said...

Hi Betsy (is it okay if I still call you that)? This is Emily (Sorensen) Mason, I came across your blog through Kims. I wasn't sure this was your blog untill I saw the picture of your kids... your little girl looks just like you! I just wanted to say hi. If I had a blog I would give you the address, but I don't (maybe one day I'll get on the ball) I hope you don't mind that I spied on you, it's fun to see what your up to. Maybe I'll spy on your sisters blogs now. (Don't tell! jk)

Elizabeth "Betsy" said...

You're welcome here anytime, Emily. It's always fun to hear from old friends. (I spy, too!)