Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patricks Day

This is the first time since I was a kid that I had a real reason to dress up in my green (Greenwavers! Anyone have great memories of homecoming weeks' green and white day?!) So, the night before our ward party we took a family trip to Walmart to find our get-ups. I found a cute green shirt for Sarah that said "I (heart) rainbows". We bought some crazy hats - and even a green wig. Benjamin picked out this crazy spiky ball hat-thing. At the dollar store we got a couple of green boas and star helium ballons for the kids. Kannon also made a stop at Savers on his lunch break. He wore a 2-foot tall green hat, a green Sonics basketball jersey, some green camo shorts, and we painted a green beard and mustache on. He won the contest for the best adult costume and a gift certificate to DQ (date night anyone?). Silly us, we didn't take any pictures of our St. Pat's party clothes, but I got Benjamin to pose with his bike today. Our ward was having a dinner and talent show. Kannon's talent was some welding he had done. Benjamin wanted to ride his bike. For the 2 weeks before he had been learning and practicing riding without his training wheels. We got permission for him to do this at the talent show. Kannon helped him decorate his bike and he wore his head thing and green swim goggles. He rode in front of the stage 2 times to the music of "Cars". It was my favorite part of the night. Others agreed with me - definitely the most original. The talent I brought to share was a few of my scrapbooks - but I felt so NOT talented when they were placed next to another set of scrapbooks - done much nicer and cuter than mine.

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Nancy said...

How fun! You guys sure can get creative. I love Ben's hat.