Sunday, March 2, 2008

Isn't sleep wonderful?! I'm sure as teens we were all aware of Saturday mornings and being able to "sleep in". In college it was "sleep only when nothing exciting is going on". And as a parent it's "please let me sleep through the night!" I've discovered how grumpy I get without my 8 hours of sleep. (I don't know how Kannon does it! He gets up at 5 am., or earlier, and doesn't usually get to sleep til 10 or 11 pm.) For the most part my kids sleep well. Some mornings (5 or 6 am) Sarah fusses. This morning Kannon got up and then when she fussed again I got up. She cried again and I had to rock her to sleep. So, poor Ben, when he came in at 7:30 and I had just gone back to sleep (after building a fire), I snapped at him. When he came in again wanting me to pour him some water, I kind of flipped out. I huffed, threw back the covers, grabbed my glasses, knocked something off my husbands dresser and took care of the drink. Facing my kitchen - which was ignored yesterday - I dug in to the dishes. My sweet husband got the cold shoulder when he hugged me good morning and said "I love you". After about an hour of working out whatever was in me (or not in me - enough sleep) I became the mom again and the rest of the morning went well. So, it's early to bed for me tonight - I want to be a new person tomorrow!


WolfleyFamily said...

I am SO glad to know that someone else has cranky early mornings, too! There are too many mornings where I'm snapping at the kids when they come in wanting a drink or anything else!

Elizabeth "Betsy" said...

Jaime, you mean you use your children as alarms, too!? Wonderful. Thanks for your email, too. That really settled me down!=)