Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter weekend

I'm still complaining about Easter being in March. I totally plan on celebrating again in April. I'm sure Ben won't complain about decorating eggs again. Plus, what else would I use as decorations for the month of April if I don't put up the easter stuff. It just felt too weird putting it up with the St. Patricks Day decorations. We had a great weekend in Elko with Kannon's family. He took half of Friday off so we could get there a little earlier. We took our new favorite game - Bang - with us and played with the family that night. On Saturday, Kannon went shopping with his dad. When that happens I worry for awhile that he'll spend too much. Then I remember that his dad usually pays for anything he gets. I went to the park with the kids and grandma and Aunt Marisha. They really had a great time there. It's a huge play area. Almost too huge. I kept getting nervous when I couldn't see Ben. He was too quick to keep up with and there were some questionable characters around. Sarah got a kick out of the tall, twisty slide. She'd walk in as far as she could, drop and slide. Grandma was at the bottom and would talk to her the whole time - it was like she was right next to her, the way the sound carries up a slide! I got to watch a couple of my young women playing softball across the street. It was fun to see them in their element. In the past 2 years I've not taken the time to go to their games, so I was glad it was convenient. Then we went shoe shopping. Both of the kids needed new church shoes. There was a lot of whining, though. Later, in the evening, I went back with my mother-in-law to do our own shoe shopping. I finally replaced my sneakers and found a pair of hiking boots for girls camp this year. We also decorated some eggs. Ben only got to do 2 of them. That's another reason I'd like to do them again. I was taking my time on an egg and Kannon's brother, Brock, kept making fun of me just sitting there holding an egg over the dye. He didn't understand that to me that was art and I was really enjoying myself! It was getting late when we finally hid the eggs for them to find. Benjamin didn't get the concept of letting Sarah find the easy ones. So I helped her find most of hers. We played Bang again that evening. Sunday went well. I always worry a little about the kids in a different ward. Ben is still a little shy, but it didn't take him too long to get comfortable. At least this is the ward we usually visit - he'll get to know everyone eventually. The last time I took Sarah to the nursery there, she wasn't quite old enough and ended up screaming for a long time. This time she did well. I stayed until the other kids quit crying and she was interested in a toy and then I snuck out. She stayed happy the whole time. We had a wonderfully large meal, then relaxed for the afternoon. I ended up all cranky on the ride home. Don't know where that came from! And it took me a few days to truly be "home".

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