Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas tree lighting and random silliness!

One time I made these little face snacks with Benjamin. He remembered them and wanted to make some again. We helped Sarah with one, too. She made a frowny face snack - then they ate them, of course!

We hadn't cleaned up our dinner when we left for the Christmas tree lighting. Sarah attacked the hamburger buns. I gave her one - later she came in to me with this concoction in her hands. It took me awhile to figure out that she had taken all of the leftover buns (at least 4) and mashed them together. Then she would eat bites off of it. Of course, most of it ended up in the trash.

Just over a week ago we ventured out for the Christmas tree lighting. This was the 74th year and our towns 100th anniversary. I thought it would be all cool. Well, it was cold. We only live a few blocks away, so we walked.

Then we waited, while listening to the Jr. High choir, I guess. They weren't very good, and the speakers made it sound even worse. Lots of people around. Sarah walked in circles until her Dad picked her up - Ben took over the stroller.

I was so intent on getting a picture of Sarah as the tree was lit, that I forgot to take a picture of the tree afterwards.

When they flipped the switch to light the tree, there were about 6 snow machines that started making snow. It looked cool, but was kind of like foamy bubbles. Ben went right over, it took Sarah a few more minutes to want to explore. Then we went home.

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