Thursday, December 4, 2008


We had a lovely Thanksgiving. We really enjoyed all the family. On Monday, we went out to my mom's and loaded up our firewood. We had spent a Saturday in Winnemucca (in November) cutting trees. Kannon did a great job of cutting them all. As of today, we have all of our wood cut and stacked for the rest of the winter. Not sure it will be enough - but it's a comfort to have it ready. It's been such a mild winter, so far. We've not had to use the wood stove much. Anyway, that Monday we chose to do a service project for Family Home Evening by helping my mom clean her house. She put us in charge of dusting and we all helped out. Hopefully it really was a help to her. Kannon ended up getting off early on Wednesday, so we spent the evening out there (the kids and I spent the morning out there, too - but I had to make my pies, still and Sarah needed a nap - we went home for the afternoon.) We had planned on having a bonfire Weds. night, but it rained that day, and the wood was wet. I don't think anyone felt like being outside right then anyway. We played "Apples to Apples" and just enjoyed visiting. All, but my oldest brother and his wife, were there. That made for a full house, but I think we all like it that way. Thursday some of the kids came into town to play soccer at the school. I finished getting things ready for dinner and took Sarah out to my mom's. There I helped get other fixings ready until everyone was there. Dinner was great. I really wanted to eat more, just because it was good food, but the tummy said FULL. Later, there was pie - lots of it. We brought one or two pies each. Lots of Wii playing - Rock Band, Mario Party, and a Brain game. And they did light a fire in the pit in the backyard. I think I'm the only one who didn't go outside. I was feeling too chilly, and didn't think the fire would be enough for me.
We got up early (but late - the alarm didn't go off, and we were about 15 minutes late for meeting some of the fam - Sorry!) on Friday morning. My sister Susan came over to stay with the kids and bil Dave met us for the Walmart sales. Kind of stinks that that is all we have. But, there were a few sale items that we really wanted to get. I think we got lucky and found everything on our list, and stayed within our budget! Back home I went back to bed, Kannon went to Sears for a tool on sale. He ended up staying up with the kids and let me sleep in for quite awhile. He's been incredible lately. Really taking care of me. We spent at least half the day at my parents. Each day we had one less family. Janet and Levi had to leave Thursday evening. Nathan and Jackie left Friday morning. Nancy and Dave and kids were there until Sunday morning, and Susan and Stephen left on Sunday, too, I think.
On Saturday, Kannon offered to go to Winnemucca and help his bil, Clint, put in their wood stove. He offered to take the kids and I didn't complain! I had a lazy day - got laundry done and most of the Christmas stuff up. It seems like I have less each year. For one thing, I keep weeding out - getting rid of things that just don't thrill me. Also, we don't have a lot of space for putting stuff, so the minimum works. I did go out to my parent's house for pizza and a movie - we watched "Elf" but I fell asleep at the end. My family wasn't home until about 8:30 pm - dirty and tired - although the kids didn't go to sleep til almost 10!
On Sunday I sang with a group in my parents ward. About a month or so ago, the ward boundaries in our stake were reorganized. A good portion of our ward (3rd) moved to my parents ward (6th), and we got another good portion from the 4th ward. We had been practicing a song for Thanksgiving, but most of the 3rd ward singers were now in the 6th ward. Anyway, one of those sisters asked me if I would sing with that song with a group. So, I did - I ended up being the only one from the 3rd ward, which was kind of awkward - like people would wonder why I was there. They also added a few visitors, though, some of my friends I used to sing with in Jr. High and High School. I really loved singing with Annie again. We practiced the song together twice - she and her dad were the last ones to show up and everyone else was finished practicing. I didn't need the practice, but really just wanted to sing with her. She has an amazing voice - as do her whole family. I guess I should also let you know that right before the ward changes I was released from Young Women's and called as a Relief Society teacher. That calling makes me nervous. Not only do I feel inadequate to teach all of these sisters, but so many of them were my teachers as a child and youth! I've taught twice and had good responses both times. I'm looking forward to learning more and growing in a new place. It's been a long time since I had a Relief Society calling.
So, Kannon kind of got a short layoff. They had Thanksgiving and the day after off as normal. But they let him know that he wouldn't need to come in on Monday. Then the called Monday and said they wouldn't need him until Tuesday. AAAGGGHHH! What a time of year for that! So, he's been around all week. Like I said earlier, he's been taking really good care of me. He's been the dishes guy, which is normally my job, and really helping with the kids. He cleaned the backyard really good and is working on getting our freezer working again.
Over Thanksgiving I had a tooth that was really bothering me. Well, I didn't know that it was just one tooth. I haven't been to the dentist for a few years. It just was hard to do it - I have to go to Reno, and get someone to watch the kids, and it costs money even with insurance, and my teeth had been doing really well. I am so careful with my teeth. I brush twice a day, floss every day, and still have had problems throughout my life. I've been cursed to inherit that trait. The last times at the dentist he had told me to use a sensitive toothpaste for the sensitivity in my teeth. I also have receding gums and that doesn't help. So, off and on I would have some sensitivity and figure it was just that. Over Thanksgiving it was pretty bad and even some pressure when chewing. So, I called on Friday and scheduled an appointment. I went in on Tuesday morning - Kannon stayed home with the kids and I was looking forward to doing a little shopping/looking by myself. Well, first thing in to the office the dentist chews me out for not using my insurance and coming in every six months. Then they do the x-ray of the area, and the helper lady says, "oh boy, that's why." He comes in and curses - "Oh gosh!" Only not gosh. So, I'm thoroughly freaked out. He's mad. He shows me what happened. One of my fillings, an old one, was not done real well, and basically let in the germs that ate their way to my nerves, about half way through the tooth. So, all this time I'm thinking sensitivity, and it's a huge cavity. I had to have a root canal - well half of it anyway - I go back on Weds. for the rest of the job. He certainly did reprimand me, and I don't do well with that. I cried. That's what I do. Needless to say, I didn't feel much like playing afterward. But, I did what I needed to get done. The numbing was wearing off as I left Reno, and I was really hurting all the way home. My jaw was so sore, still is. I guess that could be from all the needling! The tooth hurts if I bite down on it, so I just eat on the other side and I'm okay. Well, you can bet I will be visiting the dentist regularly, as well as finding a dentist for the kids. Kannon has those non-problem teeth. He never flosses and never has cavities. Hopefully my kids inherited those and not mine!
Okay, so I know there's been a lot to read here. And no pictures, either. I just haven't been in the taking mood. I haven't been in much of a mood at all, lately. I finished reading all of Laura Ingalls Wilder's books over the last few weeks. Really made me think about the simplicity of her life - being so happy with so little. Not that they were without their struggles. I nearly cried as they lost crop after crop. Anyway, during "The Long Winter" she often said she felt so stupid, or that she couldn't think. As I thought about that I thought of the word stupor. That's how I've felt lately. For about a month or so. I think I know the reason, but there could be more to it, I guess. Anyway, I am pregnant! There's the big news. Probably why I haven't blogged lately. To me that was the only newsworthy item, that we weren't sharing, yet. We told our families at Thanksgiving. At my parents', we went around the table saying what we were thankful for. At Sarah's turn, I prompted her to say she was thankful that she was going to be a big sister. Everyone seemed very excited for us. Every Christmas I embroider the grandkids names on a Christmas sweatshirt for my mother-in-law. This year we added the due date 7-7-09 (although the doctor told me today it is 7-6-09). At first she wasn't sure who it belonged to. But she was pretty excited for us, also. We've been trying for so long. Sarah will just be turning 3, Ben 6. So, I guess ours come every 3 years. Anyway, I'm feeling so much sicker this time. I don't throw-up, just feel nauseous ALL DAY LONG! Even the prescription I was given didn't help. One good thing to come from that is that I've lost more weight. Down a total of 12 pounds since I started last summer! I don't do much of anything these days. I make sure the kids are fed, usually get dinner made, and do the laundry. I usually get a shower, too. Although there have been a few days where I was in pj's til the afternoon! I just don't feel like doing anything. We haven't even been going to the library, which resulted in quite a few books being overdue! That's not normal for me. I've been in this stupor. Kind of a fog. Not desire to do, not motivation, nothing. That's how I was all through Thanksgiving. I sat, and read, and sat. I feel so neglectful of my home and family. I am also extra cranky. That's how I was with my last pregnancy, too. Mostly I get that way in the afternoons. I'm trying really hard to stay in control.
So, I hope that those of you who've been wanting this for us, too, can rejoice with us. If you are struggling with getting pregnant or wanting a baby, I hope you will be able to rejoice with us soon. I know how hard it is to hear from someone that's expecting, when that is your greatest desire. I also know that the anger goes away eventually. We feel very blessed to have this opportunity, not always worthy, but definitely a blessing. We wish you those same blessings!
I guess that's kind of it for now. I'll really try to keep up a little more. We've got some fun Christmasy, family things planned for the next few days. I'll try to get excited about taking some pictures!


Claudia said...

I think I told you that you did a great job teaching, I know that you will continue to do a great job. There are so many people that aren't willing to teach adults and when they find one that is willing they are so grateful. I hope that you start feeling better. I am just being honest when I said you did a great job teaching. So keep up the good work.

Margaret said...

Yeah!! Congratulations. I hope your starting to feel better.

Hanna said...

Oh, Liz! How exciting! I know you have wanted this for so long...we can't wait to hold your sweet baby!


The Youngs said...

Liz!!! CONGRATS!!! I am SO excited for you! I hope the morning sickness goes away soon. I had it pretty bad with Caylee, but rarely threw up. It was more like I just felt horrible all day long and wanted to lay around and do nothing. Have you told the kids yet? I know you've been waiting for #3 for a long time, so this is such wonderful news! :)

waterfallprincess said...

awwwww Betsy! Congratulations on the little one! :o)


Rachel and Oliver said...

Congratulations on your new baby!

WolfleyFamily said...

You know, I think it's kind a cheap shot to throw in the pregnancy announcement in the bottom portion without any hype or anything around it... trying to make sure we really do read your blogs? :) Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Micah and Kristine said...

Congratulations Liz! That's so exciting! I hope that you start feeling better!

Amy, Rudy, & Miranda said...

Wow...I need to keep up with things! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Although, I think I've got you beat in the "trying forever" category. We're going on 3 years of trying....still no luck. You need to rub off some of your baby vibes on me!


isha said...

IM GOING TO BE AN AUNT AGAIN!!!! lol i think i like your children the best sashas are kinda ehh lol jk love ya sis in law