Monday, December 15, 2008

merry CHRISTmas!!!!

So, I know the Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday thing has been an issue for a few years now. But, this is the first time it's really bothered me. I was just hearing a radio commercial with a mother trying to figure out what to buy her daughter. So, she asked this question, "What should I get (Susie) for the Holidays?" That just bugged. You don't buy Holiday presents. You buy Christmas presents. Now, I'm more aware of who says it which way. I noticed that the employees at In 'n Out Burger had pins that said "Merry Christmas". So, good for them. I feel like saying it to everyone now. But, then my brain says, "it's not quite Christmas - you have to wait for Christmas Eve, or something." So, when DO you say Merry Christmas?

Anyway, I just wanted to say that this is Christmas. A celebration of Christ - our Savior. A time when giving gifts should remind us of the greatest gift of him.

On another note, the kids have loved singing "I love to see the Temple" lately. Sarah always picks it to sing during our scripture time. Here are the words:

I love to see the temple.

I'm going there someday

To feel the Holy Spirit,

To listen and to pray.

For the temple is a house of God,

A place of love and beauty.

I'll prepare myself while I am youn;

This is my sacred duty.

Sarah thinks the end is "shake your booty" not "sacred duty" and so she giggles each time we sing it. Kannon taught her the "shake your booty" thing a long time ago and she does it really well. This is a quick video of her dancing. But, not the best example. She didn't look too happy here.


Claudia said...

Betsy, I just say Merry Christmas I never say Happy Holidays. It is CHRISTmas and that it the reason for the season!!!!!
By the way, MERRY CHRISTmas!!!!

Margaret said...

Shake your booty - Nice!!! And I never say Happy Holidays. I'm tired of everyone who tries to take Christ out of Christmas. So the more I can say Merry Christmas the better. Merry Christmas to you.

Teri said...

I must say I have never seen batman shakin his booty before. Cute kids. Merry Christmas!!!! It was great reading your blog.

Kiersten Matt Ezra Eliza said...

I think you can start saying it whenever- if you feel funny about it not being the actual day or close to it- I say "have a Merry Christmas". I remember the first year I started hearing about the different opinions on the matter, Matt made a point of saying Merry Christmas to anyone who said Happy Holidays- but that's Matt for you!