Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Young Family Christmas Night

Every Christmas since I can remember, we get together with whoever is around of the Young Family (my mom's side) and have a special Family Home Evening. This year it was at my parents house. I made a few treats, felt like they were both a flop, one didn't cook long enough, the other cooked too long! We had songs, some performed by my family, and stories. I sang "Angels We Have Heard on High" with my mom, Susan, and Nathan - I was the tenor. I also did my part, again, of the Nephite woman, and sang my song. My dad was very complimentary about the story. And my husband really didn't believe I had written it myself - he said he was jealous. I don't think I'm a writer. I felt pretty inspired when I wrote it. But, nevertheless, it felt good to be complimented. Kannon did say that I definitely needed the piano for my song. Gee, thanks. I had to sing it acapella, no one could play it on short notice. And with my short waist and pregnancy, I am often short of breath while singing. So, yes, it got a little breathy at the end. I'm kind of tired of singing. I need a little break. So, don't ask me to sing!
I thought the kids did pretty good. We didn't make them sit still, but they did stay pretty quiet. Ben got offended quite a few times at me, because I didn't give him what he wanted. Oh well!
This is Sarah's get up! She is little Santa. And the video is of Sarah from the beginning of the evening. She is with Uncle Stephen and dancing and singing to the song. You've got to watch the whole thing, because the end is the best. We ended the evening with the story from the scriptures of the Saviors birth. And I tried to start a food fight in the middle of that! I sat down next to the computer and my elbow bumped a plate someone had left there. It had spinach dip on it, and the dip went flying through the air and hit some guy in the face and on his pants and the floor! I say "some guy" because I really don't know who it was. He was an invitee of my uncles. We had a few of those there. He was a little offended I think and said something about hoping they didn't have to be dry cleaned. I was so embarassed, and pregnant remember, so I ended up having a short cry in the kitchen while they ended the evening. Ugh. What a night. I really enjoyed them more when I was a kid. Then all my cousins were there, and it was fun. Now, it's more like a sacrament meeting. Still good, but not so much fun. It doesn't help when you're chasing kiddos. And mine were the only kiddos there, too. So, it wasn't too fun for them. Ben told me he thought it was going to be everyone singing their favorite Christmas songs. I guess I hadn't explained it too well. He did get to sing "Christmas Bells" which is kind of his favorite this year. l

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