Monday, December 15, 2008

gingerbread house

Last Tuesday I finished my decorating. I put up my pink tree out on the front porch. I still need to get a new ornament for this year. Ben kept wanting to help me. He said he wants that tree next year. So, I think what I will do next year is get another little 3 foot or so tree for the kids room. They can put all their special ornaments on it and I can have something new for the living room one. We'll see if everyone will agree to that.
I made ginger bread on Thursday, I think. We've done a gingerbread house the last few years. I've always bought the kit. But, we couldn't eat the gingerbread, it was too hard. So, I tried my hand at one this year. The pattern I had was a difficult one to put together. The roof was pretty steep. I had to leave the room so Kannon could finish it, I was too frustrated. We put this together on Saturday night. I was feeling awful - worse night so far. So, I made the icing and took the pictures. They used our leftover Halloween candy, cheaper than buying more. I think they had a good time. I also had made gingerbread boys with Sarah and Ben's help. That was kind of fun, too.

Now, Kannon has to work tonight. He gets off his regular days work about 3:30, then goes to a shut-down job at 9 pm til whenever. Then back to work at 7:00 tomorrow morning. Because this is all an hour away, he won't be coming home until after teaching tomorrow night. The kids are usually in bed when he gets home, so they probably won't see him again until Weds. after work. Ugh! But, I'm very grateful for the extra work right now. And my brother and his wife have given Kannon liberty to hang at their house in between the jobs, so he can sleep a little. How grateful I am for his work ethic, his strong body and capable mind. For the love he has for us, to be willing to support us. For a job that has been really good to him. For work that he enjoys doing and friends that make it even better.

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