Monday, December 15, 2008

Dentist and Temple

Last week was pretty normal. I had to go to the dentist again on Wednesday morning. Ben got to spend the day with his friend Ezra (thank you Kiersten!). He didn't want to leave when it was time to go, even though he'd been there for 7 hours! Sarah came with my mom and I. Okay, so I think this guy must not be a very good dentist, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to find a new one. I thought I was going in for a crown on my root-canaled tooth. Instead, he numbs me up and starts drilling again. He botched the numbing job, AGAIN, and I could feel the pain. So, he numbs some more, but guess what - still pain! So, he drills out the canals again/more. Drills out the decay, which basically went all the way out of the tooth, so I would have had a huge hole there. Then, he puts a metal band around the tooth, which pokes my mouth. And adds these little ? Something pokey that kills the gums as he shoves them in my mouth. At one point, I actually had a tear running down my face. It hurt! And he says, "you're still not numb." Duh! My lip was barely numb, my cheek -not at all. And I still don't have the crown. Something about not having approval from the insurance yet. And this info I got from the assistant when I asked about it. Aaargh. Anyway, my mom did a little shopping after I was done. We had lunch at BK, made a stop at my sisters, and came home.
On Thursday, around 5 pm, I remembered that it was the night of my mom's choir concert. She'd asked me to go and I hadn't given a definite answer. Kannon teaches on Thursday nights, so I knew I'd have to take the kids. Did I want to do that? Well, I finally decided we'd go for awhile. We actually made it through the first half. Ben only wanted to go because it was at the museum and he really wanted to explore the museum. He was disappointed that that wasn't on the agenda. He wants his Dad to take him soon. Sarah, well she's just kind of wild. She doesn't like to sit still, and she's very independent. So, I was basically just trying to get her to stay in one area. She loved the first song, there were drums and a great beat to some African Christmas song. She also really loved clapping. When they switched groups, they were both ready to leave. Honestly, I was too. I was starting to feel really ill. My evenings are much worse than any other time.
I think this picture was on Friday. She picked her dress. After I did her hair, I told her she was a little princess. She said, "no, I'm a little Santa."
On Saturday, I woke up to Kannon telling me there was about an inch of snow on the ground. This was 6 am. We were scheduled to be at the temple at 10, drop off kids at their great-aunts house around 9:20. So, basically, it was time for me to get up, shower and shave (ugh!) and get us all ready to go. We figured it would be slow going. If we could've gotten out of the house 15 minutes earlier, we wouldn't have been late. Anyway, I get nervous when the car is out of control. Who wouldn't? So, anytime we slid a little, I'd suck in air and hold on tight. Kannon did a wonderful job of maneuvering us. Spanish Springs was the worst. They had pure ice on the roads. Anyway, we were about 15 mins. late to our appt. at the temple. But, we were doing initiatories, so we still got to do our work. Then we did a little Christmas shopping. I don't think Ben will read this - I hope he doesn't. We bought a wii and quite a few accessories for our family for Christmas. So, we are only getting one present each for the kids. That was the extent of the shopping we had to do. I've enjoyed that - not having to worry about getting and hiding presents, and lots of them. Plus, they have so much already, it's nice to kind of tone it down this year. We found what we were looking for at Barnes & Noble and got some yummies at In n Out Burger. I said to Kannon, "hey this is a date!" We haven't done as well as we would both like to do. There just isn't much we can do without spending money. I know, excuses.
I did feel bad that the kids hadn't gotten to spend any time in the snow. So, when we got back, even though it was close to dark, we let them play for a bit. It didn't take them long to get really cold. Especially the fingers.

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Margaret said...

I got a wii for Christmas as well. But I've been playing with it early. It's fun and it's a great way to involve everyone in the game process. You're going to have tons of fun with it.