Thursday, December 18, 2008

City Centennial

Last Thursday, the kids and I braved the elements to attend the city's centennial birthday celebration. I think the only reason I elected to go, was because how often do you live in a town that turns 100! And it's the town I grew up in - I'm kind of attached. Anyway, it was cold before we even got in the car to drive over. But, the kids were dying for hotdogs. When we got there, the city band was just finishing. Then another group was playing. We were standing in the hotdog line. It was a long line. They had this celebration outside at a park. It was about 23-24 degrees. At least they had some heaters scattered around and we paused at one along the line. Finally, there were hotdogs. Someone handed me cider, which I didn't even want. Then Ben and Sarah got their hotdogs. We moseyed over to a heater to eat. I took a few bites of Sarah's and it was already cold! As soon as they finished, they said they wanted another one. The line again! It was a little shorter this time. I was keeping an eye on Ezra while his mom danced with the ballet. So, we stood by the heater, and Ben saved us a place in line. They got their second dogs, Sarah with no bun. And we also found the hot chocolate, which was too hot to drink, but didn't take long to cool down.
We went and stood by this huge bonfire while they ate their 2nds. It was quite a bit warmer there. Then we went in search of the birthday cake. There wasn't any left when we got there, but we found the goodie bags for the kids. We didn't open them until we got home, and I was kind of disappointed. I was hoping for something pretty cool. Instead it was kind of like Halloween with gummy treats, smarties, dum dums, and a purchased popcorn ball. The only really cool thing, I thought, was the commemorative pin they got, with the Centennial symbol on it. I'll save those for the kids.

Well, at this point Sarah was starting to cry - she was so cold. She kind of cry-whined all the way to the car and all the way home. As soon as we got her inside she wanted her boots and mittens off. Her fingers and toes were red and cold. I felt so bad.
Today, I got my own taste of what she must have felt. I'm sure I've been that cold before, but I'd kind of forgotten. Well, Kannon took the burb to Reno in an icy road condition. So, it was more than filthy. Since we're going to Grandma's tomorrow I thought it would be nice to have a clean car and we went by the car wash. Well, the one I usually go to was out of order. I didn't want to hand wash because it was cold and the burb is so big. We went to the next car wash, but I'd never been there and I wasn't sure they took credit cards - and once you're in you're in, there's no backing up. I knew I didn't have enough cash, so we went in search of another one. I knew there were other hand wash ones, but wasn't sure of an automatic. When I finally got to the next car wash and found no automatic, I figured we were out of luck and should just get it done. I hadn't brought a coat, just a jacket. I wasn't planning on getting out of the car! I also had shoes, but no socks on. As soon as we got out I started complaining to Ben that it was too cold. Well, half way through my fingers were so cold and hurt so bad, I was practically whimpering! I even left time on the wash because I didn't care to use it all, I just wanted to get warm. I told Ben it felt like someone had smashed all of my fingers and thumbs with a hammer. He also got a good discussion on frostbite and losing fingers and toes. But, obviously, my fingers are still working - I mean I am typing this!

Merry Christmas!

good things.....
1. clean cars
2. bonfires
3. empathy

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