Monday, December 15, 2008

Ward Christmas Party

The 6th was our ward Christmas party. I thought it went well. I waited a little too long to make my pie and potatoes. So, the pie could've used a little more time in the fridge and the potatoes could have spent a little more warming time in the oven. Oh well. By the time we got to the food table, most of the potatoes were cool anyway. I didn't eat any of my own. We'd bought a 25 lb. bag of potatoes from someone that brought them down from Idaho. I split the bag with a friend. I thought I was crazy, because they kept tasting bitter to me. Kannon couldn't taste that. So, I chalked it up to the pregnancy. But, my friend said some of hers were bitter, too. Anyway, those are the potatoes I used in my casserole and I didn't want to have that in my mouth, again. I have a bunch more that I'm afraid to use. I didn't get to eat my pies (I was sampling about 3 of them) until we were home. I was full and busy.
Santa came at the end. Nobody knew the words to "Here comes Santa Claus". Including me! Both of the kids were excited. Sarah didn't want to stay in line. It took a lot of effort to keep her from just going up and talking to him before her turn. I'm sure this is Ben telling him he wants Pixos and an orange camera.
I'm not sure she said much, I just accidentally deleted the video I took of her here. But, she was there long enough to get her bag of goodies.

If you look closely, you can see me here. I was singing a song after the shepherds came. I sang with my friend, Donna. She has this incredible opera soprano voice. I always feel a little inadequate singing with her. But, it's never been just the 2 of us. I should have had the mike a little closer to me. Oh well. And the next day, this younger sister (like 19 or 20 - and just visiting) said I sounded so good the night before. I said thank you and that I wasn't sure I did well next to Donna's voice. She said, "Oh, I thought that was you." Some compliment, huh? She didn't know I wasn't the one with the good voice!

The primary also sang. This is the first time Ben has really known the songs, and sung them. Sorry for the blurry picture. I was far away and it was dark. Here he is next to a few of his best friends.

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