Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween activities.

We carved our pumpkins for FHE last week. I invited our neighbors to come play with us - they ended up just having an apple crumb with us instead. I scooped both kids guts for them. Ben wanted to use these lite-bright type of pins and poked them in his pumpkin for a bat design. Sarah wanted a sad face, so I carved hers. I tried this cat and jack-o-lantern design. Next year I'm getting a little one like Sarah's. It was so much easier to scrape and carve!
The picture of Kannon's finished pumpkin didn't turn out. Here he is working on it.

Our pumpkins lit up, Kannon wasn't finished yet. You can barely see Ben's on the right. I don't think we'll use those again, unless we really scrape down the side.

Ready for the Ward Halloween Party. Me as the Princess Fiona, Kannon is an outlaw, Ben = Batman, and Sarah is our little princess.
We really enjoyed the party. Eating chili and cornbread - we were last years winner of the chili contest. The kids participated in the parade and then joined in the fun games and activities.

Sarah decorated a pumpkin cookie. She was concentrating really hard, hence the tongue!

Kannon was in charge of the golf game. Not really sure what they did. Just get the ball in the hole, I guess, and win a prize.

Here's Ben on the bean bag toss. Both he and Sarah did really well with this game. There was also a cake walk and fish pond.

After all that we had a trunk or treat. Kannon handed out the candy while I took Sarah around. Ben took off with one of his friends. When we were done, Sarah sat with Daddy and I loaded the car up with our stuff.

I had Ben take a close-up for me. Oh yeah! I won the adult costume contest! I felt like I earned it. That took a lot of guts for me to go with a green face.
We went to Winnemucca on Halloween Eve. We stayed with Kannon's sister and family. This is the kids before their trunk or treat.

Stetson, the cowboy- Ben - Sarah - Kate, another princess - and Quade, the horse.

I know this is blurry, but I kind of liked the effect of movement. Sarah, Kate and Ben.

After they got their candy, Quade and Sarah parked on the grass and dug into their bags! They also each had a doughnut in one hand!

Kannon and Sarah almost ready to go.
So, we have tons of candy. Ben is much more interested in it than Sarah. I'm definitely doing the pay for candy thing next year. I don't like having it around to tempt me either. At least there wasn't too much chocolate!

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