Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My hair

When I was a teenager (and probably even later on) my little sister, Susan, would brush my hair. Sometimes because I begged her to. It's something I've always loved and my husband used to do it for me, too. Well, yesterday I had gotten out of the shower, ran a comb through my hair and sat on the couch with the kids. A minute later, Sarah went and got my brush from the bathroom and started brushing my hair. She would say, "Oh pretty hair. See the curls." It wasn't feeling too good, she brushed pretty hard, so I wiggled a bit. She said, "hold still." Which is what I say to her quite often when doing her hair. Just for fun I wiggled more. After a while I asked her to do it softer. That's when she decided to quit. It was a rare and sweet moment.


The Youngs said...

I love having my hair combed too! I can occasionally talk or bribe Kyle into doing it. Thank goodness it's something Caylee enjoys doing. I could sit and let someone comb my hair for hours! And the funny thing is that I remember sitting and doing my mom's hair for long periods of time, giving her crazy hair-dos.

So glad you were able to enjoy one of those rare moments!

Margaret said...

That's such a sweet story. I like my hair played with but not brushed.