Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Kannon's Thirty!!

My beloved husband turned 30 just over a week ago. About a month before he started to mention it, maybe a little apprehensive about being 30. He's the oldest in his family, so I think it was a big deal to him. We decided to make it a big deal, too. We started off with giving him 20 things to celebrate his 20's. We did that by starting 20 days before his birthday and giving him things that we thought he'd like. This is what I can remember: chocolate milk, powdered mini donuts, pack of gum, bath with bubbles and a pillow, pictures the kids drew, a candy bar, our hands traced with a quote from President Monson about hands, sang "Daddy's Homecoming", (if I remember any more I'll add them.) I think he enjoyed that.

Then I decided to throw him a surprise birthday party. It was hard to keep it a surprise. He kept planning things for that weekend, and then changing his mind. Luckily the day stayed open and I didn't have to spill the beans. I sent and delivered invites to some of our friends. I planned the snacks - things I thought he'd like, plus some things I just wanted to try. I made the pumpkin coconut bread 2 days before and hid them on the porch. I made the 7-layer dip and cheesecake cookie cups the day before and stored them at some of the invitees, then they brought them to the party. Thank you! I hid the soda under a pile of clothes in my room and the chips on the back porch by the piano and sewing machine (a place I felt was pretty safe from his eyes!) I was even able to go to the florist while Kannon was at the soccer games, to get balloons. I hid those in the kids closet. A couple of days before the party I finally came up with the right plan of attack. I called his home teaching companion and asked him to have Kannon go home teaching at 6pm that night. While they were gone I put everything out and our guests arrived. We even had a plan for his companion, K, to come to the door with him. Kannon noticed a few cars parked around but still didn't figure it out until he got to the door. Then he wondered why the lights were off. That's where we goofed, I guess.

Eating and playing Apples to Apples. Kannon has wanted that game for a long time, so we bought it for him as his only birthday present. Our wonderful friends had the same thought and brought him that game, too. We all played (except for a couple, including Kannon, who chose to visit). And guess who won! Me!

I thought it went really well. It was fun, not too crowded, though in our house it was close. I was soooo tired by the end of the night, mentally as well as physically. (Ya know I had to clean house really good, too, those last couple of days!)

This is the actual surprise part of the party!

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