Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sarah's first party!

Sarah was invited to her first birthday party last week. Eliza turned 2 and had a fairy princess party. It was fun to help Sarah dress up. Because I was running late that morning I grabbed a quick gift for her to take.

They ate star-shaped pb&j, with mickey mouse cheese, and grapes. This is what Ben created with his - a smiley face!

We helped the girls make fairy wands (so cute!) and put stickers on crowns. They watched Eliza open her presents - some of the girls had a hard time with that. Sarah did really well. No tears!

They enjoyed their individual cupcakes and then we went home. It was a good time.

I just wanted to share what this little girl has been up to. Her personality is so developing. She is the best pouter. It makes me laugh. She hates to be teased, but loves teasing. So, I'm often hearing screaming from one of my children. Almost every morning she comes and gets in bed with me. Sometimes it's early enough that we go back to sleep. Other times she brings me a story to read. I often hear her in the living room turning pages to books. She is not as good a sleeper as Benjamin was/is. Once we got him on a schedule I could always expect him to take a 2-4 hour nap each afternoon and sleep through the night. Sarah, on the other hand, fights naps and if she does go to sleep, is only down for about an hour. At night Benjamin falls right to sleep. Sometimes, it's an hour later before Sarah is asleep. Sometimes she keeps coming out, other times she just plays in her room. One morning she woke up with her Sunday shoes on. She told me she slept in them.

She isn't shy - talks to strangers and everything! Loves going to nursery and is finally staying in the chapel for the whole sacrament meeting! I just started her in underpants yesterday. Everytime we'd go potty somewhere, she'd go to. (ex. Walmart) And for a few days, when I'd try to change her, she'd be dry and go on the toilet. Plus, her diapers were rubbing on the sides of her back, making a sore, red, dry spot. So, we put them on yesterday and she did pretty good. She had two accidents. One so far today. I think it will take awhile to get the pooping part down. That's where we have our problems. She loves a book I got at Saver's about Hannah and the potty. So, we say "just like Hannah," quite often.

She sometimes talks in a high-pitched voice. Janet calls her a munchkin. Especially when she's playing. She also likes to talk like a baby - saying "goo-goo gaa-gaa". And every once in awhile, when she's frustrated she says, "argh." Just like that. She got it from me.

Here are some other fun things she's said lately:

"I want to go to High School."

"Try again, mom, try again."

"One-a-time, tsk, a little mouse, tsk, ran away. The end."

"Close the phone." when I was talking to someone and she wanted me.

"I need toilet wiper." aka toilet paper!

"This is the Prophet, Mama!" when Music and the Spoken Word was on.

whiny voice "My bed's all curly!" It was messy and she wanted the blankets straightened.

holding her Book of Mormon "Alma ran away with the kids. The end." (what's with all the running away?)

"I'm not Velma, I'm a princess!" to Benjamin when he said "come on, Velma" - I guess they were playing with 2 different ideas in mind!

Oh how I love my little munchkin who is a tween at heart!

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