Monday, November 2, 2009

the Second half of October!

Ben's school had a Night of Books. He went dressed as a character from his favorite books - Shaggy. They got a bucket of treats, costume contest, and then we joined his teacher for a story. It was a cute one about a fat cat that ate everyone. Kids and adults dressed up as the characters. Ben got to be the woodcutter who saved the day! He got a kick out of wearing Brother Dalluge's boots.
We went with Ben's class to the pumpkin patch. It was complete with a hayride, pumpkin picking, stories and songs, petting rabbits and feeding goats, and a snack.

We spent an evening at my parents house. We took a drive to find pictures of "landscapes and landmarks of Churchill County" for the phone book photo contest. Sarah left the house with 2 right feet! She couldn't find both of her shoes so she grabbed a different one, they just both happened to be for the same foot. I didn't notice any of that until we were out there!

We celebrated Kannon's birthday! He "got" to have a few days off. He had that Friday off and again on Monday (his birthday) while they found another job for him to go to. He spent some time at the sauna. We went to Sonic for happy hour slushies, picked out some pants and a candy bar for his present, and had the Edwards family over to play Ticket to Ride and share cake (strawberry with chocolate frosting)and ice cream(Oh, my, blueberry pie!).

Baby Joshua is growing. He's really long, but doesn't weigh as much as my other 2 did at this age. He does talk now, it's so cute, lots of gurgles. He's often found with fingers and hands in his mouth. Therefore, lots of drooling!

We sported Halloween clothes! This is what she wore to Benjamin's class Nevada Day party. And I got to go to Reno with my mom (Sarah and Joshua tagging along!) We stopped at a few Savers and I found this adorable rocking chair! Sarah calls it the princess chair. Someday when I get to decorate a room for her, this will be involved.

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Angie said...

How funny about the shoes! That's happened to us before just get in a hurry!
Joshua is SUCH a cutie!
Great find with the rocking chair. I LOVE Saver's. When I visited my mom in Utah, we went to Saver's. They don't have anything as big as that out here. Not that I know of anyway.