Monday, December 6, 2010

October 2010

Fallon got a lot of rain in October, the most it's seen in years for a single month. It was fun, exciting, and wet. AND I didn't have to watch for leaks in the back porch roof because Kannon and our friend, Dave, had built a slanted roof over the flat roof right before the rains came. With the rain came, moss!, new weeds, and lots of puddles. Joshua is our outdoor man. He would spend all day, every day outside if we let him. He discovered this "pool" - Twice! Needless to say, the pool got dumped and put away for the winter.

Ya know how there is a list of super-stressful life-changing events? Like a new baby, buying a house, changing jobs? Well, I'd definitely add scout leader to that list. At least for me. We've had some really fun activities, but they are so hard for me to organize and I'm still not a "fan" of boys. (I know! I've got two of them!) I am just so "girl" that I don't get them. I don't understand the joys of being rambunctious. I'm still waiting for the day when I love scouting. Everyone tells me it was one of their favorite callings.

We went bowling and that isn't stressful. But, getting the boys from the church to the alley was. And trying to quiz them all on the rules of bowling and first aid was. And then there's the getting reimbursed part. We have 3 wards combined, so I have to divide it all up and find each person in charge to give the request to.

Of course, October is the month for costumes and the kids kicked it off with a trip to the school for the Magic Night of Books. Ben was Napoleon Dynamite. Sarah was a ladybug and Joshua was a pioneer. We had fun listening to stories, eating popcorn, and buying new books.

I went to a PTO meeting and volunteered to make these picture boards. It took a lot of time and the time organization was a stress. But, they turned out great and people really enjoyed them.



One of our ABC school days was a trip to the Pumpkin Patch. We rode the hay wagon to the patch where all the kids picked out a pumpkin from the still green field. Usually the vines are brown and the pumpkins so bright. It still hadn't frozen and the pumpkins were still connected to their vines. My keys came in handy as a makeshift pocket knife.

We then ate donuts and apple juice, all the while trying to avoid the thirsty bees. Then a quick trip over to see the chickens and goats. Joshua was in awe. He's quite the animal lover - didn't get that from us!

Sarah and her friend Lacey.

I got to finally take Sarah "school" shopping. We had a good time and only went to 2 stores. I love Target for girls clothes. We were able to do a lot of mixing and got a lot of different outfit choices. We also did a quick run into Carters. They were closing in just minutes, but had some great sales we were able to take advantage of.

Modeling for me. We didn't harvest the last of the tomatoes until November, but we had them in abundance. Joshua would eat his fill every time he went out. I'm curious to see if he is colorblind (or just a kid thing) because he would eat green tomatoes as often as the red.

Soccer ended this month. We enjoyed it to an extent. I didn't enjoy chasing Joshua. That's just a part of our life right now, but ugh, it gets old. Ben did really well. He's still improving his patience and sharing skills as well as dribbling and passing skills. He enjoyed it, and that's what is most important. He was good at waiting by the goal for his teammates to pass him the ball and then kicking it in for a goal. That's what he was best at. (giggle and wink!)

One day, coming home from school, the kids got excited about a bunch of leaves at the neighbors house. They asked the neighbor if they could rake the leaves and jump in them. Our trees don't give good jumping leaves.

Scout activity - dusting for fingerprints. We had a detective and a lady from the police station come and help with our mock crime scene - who stole the cookies? It was fun, but chaotic and, of course, a bit stressful.

We spent Halloween weekend in Elko. We went to the Nevada Day parade. It was a bit cool.

But, that didn't stop us from enjoying the outdoors. We took rides on Uncle Kreg's 4-wheeler. Went for a walk with Grandma and played in the yard with the cousins.

We dressed up. We did Alice in Wonderland. I had the idea when we were watching the Disney movie and the queen was yelling and out of control. I thought and said to the kids, "I'm just like that queen." Ben told me I wasn't exactly because I don't force them to play croquet! But, that began the idea for Halloween. We have Sarah as Alice. Adorable, I know!

Ben chose to be a card. None of the other characters appealed to him. But at least he was a trooper with the "plan".

Then we have Kannon as the Mad Hatter (and as we left for the party, and he got mad about something, Ben said, "NOW, you're the mad hatter."). And Joshua as the Cheshire Cat. I used non-washable crayola markers. But, just because they don't wash off furniture doesn't mean they will be steadfast on material. Kannon's shirt and hands were very pink by the end of the night! And since we were visiting a different ward, everyone thought he was a girl.

I was the red queen. I forgot my crown. And my scepter. I was so busy working on all the other costumes. My mom made mine - so cool. Since we wore these out of town, we can do the same costumes next year in our hometown! I'll come up with a new costume for Josh - maybe the white rabbit.

We had to leave on Sunday morning so that we could be back in time to go to our own ward. It was the kids primary program. As we were getting out of Elko (about 10 minutes in the car already) I noticed that the air in the car was getting colder. I told Kannon and he noticed that the temperature gauge was all the way in the red! We turned around at the last exit and headed over to a gas station. As soon as he turned off the burb it started smoking - which turned out to be steaming. He had meant to add some antifreeze at the homestead, but couldn't find any. Turns out he forgot to put the cap back on, so it all boiled out. We ended up adding about 2 and a half gallons of it. And we made it home without further problems.


Jaime said...

Wow!!! Such cute pictures. Your family looked great for Halloween, the fall leaf pictures are ALWAYS fun, and I love girl shopping at those places too!!

Kristine said...

I like your family costumes too! And I am very thankful for scout leaders, my boys love to go to scouts I never have to remind them! I bet the other Moms are thankful for your hard work!

cherrytree said...

I love your family theme for Halloween! So cute! I can't wait to see them next year.

I also love the leaves pix. Someday I want to get some of my kids in the leaves, we don't "good ones" either.