Sunday, December 25, 2011

November December 2011

Hmm, can't seem to find many November pictures. What did we do?
A Tea Party!
I know I got to go shopping with my mom for a day. I bought clothes for me for Christmas.

Our weekend in Elko for Thanksgiving was really fun.
We got to play and do projects, shop and swim.
Let's Make a Deal was a super fun family game!
Decorating gingerbread cookies at Grandma's house.

And hanging them on Grandma's tree.
December 1st we met Tiddly - the Polish Family Elf on a Shelf.
Sarah was afraid of him, at first. She was really worried about him coming into her room at night. So, she whispered to him, with Ben close by for comfort, that she didn't want him in her room, and things went well after that. I think he played it safe this year, only moving to different spots, so as not to scare her. Maybe next year he'll be more active in our home!
The ward Christmas party. Our ward has shrunk considerably in the last 6 months, but that meant all of the primary kids had a special part in the program.
Ben is the purple wise man. Sarah, the brown "horse".
A visit with Santa.

Ben was the last kid to see Santa and I think Santa had been overworked as evidenced by his drooping beard. He was a great Santa with a sweet elf helper.
The theme was Christmas around the world and there were 2 pinatas! Sarah got a little trampled picking up candy.
We also got to decorate graham cracker houses.
Me too!
I just saw the pistachios in that last picture and remembered that I had made baklava for our ward party. That was tedious but it turned out pretty good. I don't think we loved it enough to want to make it again, but it is a family dessert from Kannon's Albanian family.
Sarah's kindergarten class got to help with the 4th
grade "A Christmas Carol" play. They were the prelude music and the carolers in the play. I think the class loves to sing. They did a great job. Here she is with Macray, Raegan, and Hunter.
I made goodies. I started making them on a Saturday night, mid-month. Got doughs made and a few cookies done. Then everyone in the family got sick and I tossed everything in the freezer. I was disappointed that I didn't get to finish what I started and that I spent the whole week caring for sick kids even though I didn't feel great, either. But, then we were all well again, I sent the kids back to school, and got back on the baking train. The kids helped me sprinkle the spritz cookies. It was the only thing I let them help with.
We got to have cousins over for a day. We decorated stockings and I was reminded that glitter should only be for 8 and ups!
We went to the pond to feed the ducks. I had a lot of bread in the freezer to use. The pond was frozen except for a few spots where the water was cycled through. The ducks liked the bread and then we saw the sign that said, "do not feed the wildlife". Ooops! Our little hands were freezing from the frozen bread and the 30 degree temperature. I took the 2 littlest ones back to the car while the older 4 played on the slide, etc.
Somebody's friendly dog showed up and the kids freaked out! After a little bit I got out of the car to find the owner. He was in his car watching the kids and his dog. He came over apologizing and I told him that these kids all get nervous around big dogs. Then he got mad at me and said I shouldn't have brought them to the dog park. I reminded him of the fenced area for dogs. He pointed out the big field for dogs, too. Then I said, "but THIS area is not for dogs." He left and I packed up the kids and we went back home. I was pretty upset about that for a while.

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