Friday, April 18, 2008

5 years ago - Benjamin

This is Benjamin's 1st Birthday!

Tuesday was Benjamins birthday. He's 5! Sometimes he acts 13 - not a good sign. On Monday night during Family Home Evening he told his dad that when he got up in the morning his birthday would be all set on the table - with presents and his cake - and Sarah would be so surprised. Well, this was news to me. I had planned on buying the stuff to make his cake while he was in school on Tuesday morning. So, not to disappoint, I ran to the store Monday night and stayed up making his cake and wrapping his presents. Now the cake was described in detail a few weeks before. "A yellow cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate pudding inside. With sprinkles on top and my name with frosting. That has to be orange, purple and blue - one color for each letter. And a cherry on top." Wow! Can a 5-year-old be any more detailed? And only one cherry. Anybody got a good use for a jar of maraschino cherries? So, everything was on the table as requested in the morning. He had to wait all day to enjoy it, though. Grammy and Papa, Susan and Stephen came over at 6:00 to celebrate. We only had 3 presents for him and he didn't feel deprived or anything! Why is it I always feel like they need a million things? A few weeks before his birthday he told me he wanted an "instripe longblaster". I had no idea what that was - figured he'd seen a commercial. After a few questions I assumed it was a nerf product. We looked online and found the "N-Strike Longshot" - a large plastic gun that shoots soft nerf darts. It's as big as he is! He kept saying all day that he knew what was in the big package. I'm glad he was right. We also got him some moon sand and another toy that shoots things. Grammy and Papa ate shredded wheat cereal for months to get him the knit Shrek cap that he wanted. We really enjoyed watching him and he's enjoyed his toys. So has dad - he wants to know which N-strike gun I'm going to get for him!

I can't believe it's been 5 years. I can remember every detail of the day he was born. I had been having contractions all day - but didn't know it! I thought they were Braxton Hicks - those had been plaguing me for a month. Plus it was still 2 weeks til my due date. Kannon said if I felt the same way the next day he probably wouldn't go to work. I scoffed and we went to bed. I would wake up all night with contractions - rub my belly and go back to sleep. Then my water broke. We called the hospital, got ready and drove over (only about 3 minutes away). After the nurse examined me, she called the other nurse over with a shock. The 2nd nurse confirmed that I was dilated to a 10 and they got the doctor there ASAP. But, Ben wasn't so quick to finish his journey. After pushing for an hour the doctor helped him by vacuuming his head. We were so excited! And it was a boy! We had kept that a surprise for us although Kannon was pretty sure. Now we have a child in our home. Not a baby or toddler anymore. A smart, adventurous, sweet, helpful, and still beautiful Boy! Our Benjamin!


Danna said...

Wow--the cake looks exactly as he wanted it!! You are an incredible mom, Betsy!!

Margaret said...

You're a great mom!! The most important thing is that your kids will remember the fun times and it is only a dress like you said! Great cake and tell Ben happy birthday!

Kiersten Matt Ezra Eliza said...

Happy Birthday Benjamin! I love the detailed cake- I can almost hear Ezra giving the same amount of detail on his next birthday cake- he's already told me just how his dad's should be! Glad you left a comment on my blog- I've been meaning to look you up- that made it easy to find you!