Thursday, May 1, 2008

No more teachers dirty looks!!!!

Yeah!!! I am so excited! Today was my last day of teaching ABC School. The kids have one more week - the letter Z and graduation - but for my part, I'M THROUGH. It has been very fun, but also very time-consuming. Granted I only had it a week out of the month, but I am the kind that thinks about it the whole month and does nothing until the night before! For the letter Y we laced yellow yarn, made "you" books filled with pictures from the year, and practiced yo-yo-ing! We also played with playdo, did "hot-cold" with a yellow Y, explored "you" by testing our skills, skipped, and played letter bingo. Plus, we had snacks: yogurt, yoo-hoo, yellow cupcakes, yo-go's, and yellow popcorn. This was spread over the 2 days we have school, and we didn't have time to do everything I had planned. That is SO okay with me. After the kids left today, I did....NOTHING! Read emails and blogs and put the kids down for a nap. Now, I have wanted to do "nothing" all week, but have still stayed pretty busy. This afternoon, NOTHING. It did feel good. And I was more ready to wash the days dishes and clean up the house than I had been all week. So, despite my 3-4 hours of "nothing", my husband still came home to a decent looking house. AND, I still had the energy to help Ben with his letter T stuff we had missed when he was sick. Now, after this day of preschool, I get to spend and hour or so with my girlfriends discussing a great book! Maybe I don't need the vacation I was screaming for 2 days ago. Then again, I'm dying for a shopping day alone (aka no children!) Sometimes I feel like I'm not being a good mother because I always need some time alone. I know mothers who don't desire that at all. But, how do you drive an hour to the stores, shop for clothes for yourself, look through the craft store and your favorite thrift store; then drive the hour home - with two little ones? If you have the solution, I'm all ears. Otherwise, I will continue to desire a day to be alone, and just try to let my children know I love them despite that need.

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WolfleyFamily said...

The alphabet school sounds like an awesome idea!!! I wonder if I could get some moms to do it with me here :)