Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May Update

This is a close-up of the quilt I bought (you can read about it here!)
We spent a lot of time this weekend pulling weeds and reseeding the lawn in the patches that didn't grow the first go-around. That was harder than the first seeding. We've had a lot of good rain this past week, we're really enjoying it, but not the mud that comes in.
The kids beds - Sarah's new quilt (close-up above). You'll read about Kannon's quick decision to remodel - we took out the crib that night and moved the love seat in it's place. So, Sarah was put in her "big girl" bed that night. She has done so well! There have only been a few times where she gets up and gets in trouble. Usually she will lay down and go to sleep, nap times too!

So, I guess just some random things to blog about right now. I haven't blogged in awhile because I didn't think there was anything going on, but now I've got a collection of anythings.

First, big news for our family, 2 NEW COUSINS! Sasha had her baby girl, Lillie, on May 10. We're really glad things didn't get too bad. There were some complications, but mom and baby are doing fine. The other kids have had a few weeks at Grandma's house so Sasha can recuperate better.

Nancy had her baby boy, Colby, on May 12. Her labor was really quick and they are doing really well, too. We can't wait to get to see them both soon! It's kind of funny that they both missed having their babies on Mother's Day by just a few hours each way.

Ben's had a fun friend month. I have been babysitting another boy his age and he's had a good time playing with him. There was definitely more noise, dirt, and mischief those days. I'm not sure if Quinlan will be coming over anymore. Not sure what those plans are. We also had a little picnic day last week with some friends.

We got our stimulus check just over a week ago and Kannon wanted to use it to start remodeling our living room - the next day! I convinced him to hold off for awhile. Let us get really ready for the mess that will come with that. We've been able to buy almost all of what we'll need for that job - still need to order new windows and rent the floor sander. I'm not sure when we'll actually get started as we have a trip and I have girls camp coming up. I'll get before and after pictures to post. Kannon has also been doing some sewer work. He hates that kind of plumbing. He was trying to dig a hole on the outside of the house, to make a bigger entrance to get under the house. Right now we have a little hole in our little cellar. The guy who did our home inspection was small and barely fit in it. Kannon hasn't tried, but it does look to small. He wanted to cut a door, but the wall there is 7 inches thick! So, he started digging is way under the house. In the process he found our sewer pipes, and dug a hole IN it! So, he's had to dig out a bunch around the pipe and then cut out the pipe and replace a section of it. I'm so glad he's a plumber! That could have been a very costly repair. He really hated the job, though. Doesn't like mud and, obviously, doesn't like sewer!

I had a couple of fun evenings last week. A sweet lady from Utah was in town teaching about better women's health. Mostly she talked about estrogen and progesterone and how our health will be better if/when they are in balance. I've used progesterone cream before, when I was trying to get pregnant with Ben. I also used the fertility pills at the same time and so I wasn't sure what actually helped me get pregnant. I tried the cream again when I was trying to get pregnant with Sarah, but it didn't seem to be making a difference. I can tell my hormones are not balanced right now. Tons of symptoms of that, and so I am trying the cream again. This brand I bought www.arbonne.com/products/balance/prolief.asp is supposed to be the best. Progesterone cream is sometimes called "happy cream" and helps men, too. A huge help for anyone going through menopause. Some good books with a lot of info are "What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About Menopause" or "What Your Doctor . . . . About Premenopause" by Dr. John Lee. The second night she talked about diet and I felt impressed to follow a book called "Original Fast Foods" by James and Colleen Simmons. Basically takes you back to the basics, eating fruits and vegetables. Adding grains and legumes when needed for more energy. Cutting out animal-based foods. I'm really excited about this, I'm trying to make some changes now and will add more when I'm back from our 2 weeks of "stuff". You can check out their website for more information www.originalfastfoods.com
(Jaime, I even found a huge list there of gluten-free foods under Support Center and Health Articles.) Once I make these changes I expect to see the pounds come rolling off. I will keep you updated and share more as I learn more. I'm really excited about this.

We went to a fundraiser last week to help support a friend who's 2-year-old son is in need of a kidney transplant. They had a spaghetti dinner that we all enjoyed and raffles, silent-auction and a live auction. I think I got a little carried away, but I'm glad it was for such a good cause. I ended up buying a really cute quilt for Sarah's bed for $90. I also let Ben bid on a popcorn pack since he didn't get the one he wanted in the raffle. Kannon won $15 to McDonalds and 2 passes to the local gym in the raffle. This is their blogsite http://www.daniellords.blogspot.com/ So, we all came home pretty happy and had a good time, too. Except when we kind of lost Sarah - for the 2nd time in a week! She kept wandering around and we were watching her, but somehow we didn't see her disappear. I was outside looking and Kannon inside. He finally found her, she just sort of showed up. We don't know where she was. That sounds so bad. She IS short! And there were a lot of people around and other kids. Some of the kids were playing in and out of some closets in this building and there was also a kitchen in another area where she could have been. I'm so grateful that she was safe. The other time she disappeared was when a neighbor and his 2 boys were here. She had been following the boys (and Ben) all over the front and back yards and in the house. Kannon was outside and I was inside. When I hadn't heard her or the boys for awhile I started searching and everyone was gone. The neighbors had gone home, I don't know where Kannon was, and Ben came back from riding his bike around the block (by himself, without permission). Then Kannon showed up and he didn't know where Sarah was. My only thought was that she followed Ben around the block. Kannon went one way, I went the other way and I found her about a quarter of the way around. Again, I was sooo glad that she was safe. I'm going to have to keep a better eye on her. I was thinking I might get one of those child leashes for busy places. Kannon had to chase her down at Walmart yesterday!

We were at my sister-in-law's (Jackie's) graduation party and Uncle Nathan was teaching Sarah how to eat the frosting - she really had a good time!
This is Ben and his ABC school class at their graduation. They had a lot of fun playing at the park together and eating popsicles and licorice, too. Ben was pretty proud of the fact that he graduated before Aunt Jackie!
Sarah, reading a book on the kitchen floor. I caught her this morning, too, reading a book while sitting on Ben's toy 4-wheeler and singing a song - that's what got me out of bed today! A Four Generation Picture
my grandma - Doris Mae Reed Young, 90
me, Elizabeth - 32
my daughter, Sarah Elizabeth - almost 2
my mom - Kathleen Debra Young Bake, 55


WolfleyFamily said...

Wow - you've had a lot going on (funny how it all seems to add up to more when typing than it seems when experiencing it)... that's great about remodeling - I'm looking forward to seeing your before and after pics.... thanks for the gluten-free info... that's scary about Sarah - I had those problems a few years ago and bought those child harnesses... I think they're a great idea (although there are plenty of people out there willing to tell you how bad it is and how you're abusive for doing it)... now Chase is starting to have issues listening and staying by us, so we've pulled out the harnesses again and have warned him he will have to wear one when we go out if he keeps wandering off.... in my opinion if it keeps them safe and from being abducted, it's better than the alternative of what could actually happen to them.... anyway, I could tell you some funny stories when we've used ours (one of my fave was when Kaitlyn was 25 months old - we were flying to Seattle to see Greg before he flew to Iraq - both kids and I were in the Las Vegas airport on a layover - Chase was in a baby carrier, Kaitlyn was in a harness... she waited until we were in a very busy terminal then proceeded to get down on her hands and knees and bark like a dog!! I about died and everyone was laughing so hard)

Nancy said...

Congrats on the grass! Ours started out like that too when we first planted it. And then over the past year it has kind of filled in. There were some patches we had to help out this year too. And yay for Sarah and her big kid bed. I hope she continues to do well. I know what a challenge that is. Good luck with all the fixes. I'm excited to see it when its all done.