Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Father and Son Campout

Benjamin and his Dad went to the Stake Father and Son Campout last weekend. I wanted Kannon to blog about it - since I wasn't there - but I know he won't. So, when Ben dictated to me for his journal on Sunday I decided I would let him tell you about the campout. These are his own, approved by him, words.

Ben and his friend Reed
Blocking the wind!
"Me and Reed went hopping to rock to rock. And I went into the water and it was fun. But, I got 2 rashes on my legs - or a sunburn. And we roasted marshmallows in the morning. At night we went hunting with another friend and Reed. We had my flashlight - we found a bunch of rocks and we tipped them over and we saw how disgusting it was on the bottom of the rocks. And we saw 2 tents almost blowing away. And we saw the disgusting parts on the bottom of the rock - you know on the flat part on the bottom of the rock. And me and my Dad had so much fun. We threw our Frisbee and it went so far we couldn't even catch it. And then when it landed we could catch it. It was super-windy at night time. And we found perfect skipping rocks. Some people caught a fish there, but not me and Dad. That wasn't fun. We played cowboys before we left - me and Reed. And Dad was the Indian with the pipe that me and Reed found. And we played Bocce ball there - but me and Reed didn't - just the big Dads did."

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Nancy said...

I can just hear Ben telling his story of the campout. Sounds like fun. He did a good job telling it too.