Saturday, May 3, 2008

New Grass!

Have I written about our lawn efforts? Last year we installed our sprinklers on one half of the backyard. This spring we finally felt we had the ground ready to plant grass (ie. sprayed the salt grass, pulled the other weeds, tilled and raked it smooth). So, we planted about the second week of April. The grass never grew. We knew it might not. We had been given some seed that was about 10 years old. Last Saturday Kannon and I reseeded the yard and by the middle of the week we saw grass! I did a little dance, I was so excited. (Sarah joined me!) We've discovered that the ground is NOT completely level. We have a few low spots that become puddles. And we are still trying to figure out the sprinklers. We have 6 of them and the middle and west end are always a lot wetter than the edges and east end. So, we're working out the kinks! I'm really looking forward to having a lawn this summer. I hope I will be diligent about taking care of any weeds along the way. And maybe next summer we will have a front lawn?!

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