Thursday, January 8, 2009

January begins

We weren't sure what to do for New Year's Eve. There is always a big dance for the two stakes here. But, we have such issues finding babysitters. We had thought about having some friends over for games - but the first one I called said she'd thought we were going to the dance and had invited some over for games already, then invited us. I thought that would be fun and my mom thought she and dad could watch the kids. But, dad didn't want to. It all worked out in the end. For me anyway. Kannon ended up working on New Years Day. So, he stayed home and I went to the game party. We only played one game, then visited til about 1 am. It was perfect for me. I was pretty darn tired though. It feels like I'm more tired every day. I keep falling asleep on the couch at night.

I got to go to lunch with one of my best friends! That doesn't often (okay EVER) happen. Kannon's not home at lunch time and I have 2 kids and no money. But, she had her boys watch the kiddos and took ME to lunch for my birthday. It was so nice. Then, we ran a few errands together. It was a great two hours. The picture is of me the day of our lunch. With one of my great after Christmas bargains. I found the jacket for about $8 - it's exactly what I'd been looking for. When Kannon saw me he asked if I was trying "to be some hip-hop.....person?" I think I'm just trying to find stylish-but-look-good-on-a-fat-person clothes. I THINK this picture makes me look disproportionate (a huge body and small head), but I like the way it fits me. What do you think? And don't worry about hurting my feelings! My actual response to Kannon was "just admit it - you think I'm one hot mama!" And that's my new haircut without being straightened.

I was going to title this post "I'm 55!" but that number changed today. You see, on the Wii sports there is a fitness age test you can do. After my first test I was 55. Today I took it again and brought it down to 31. I'll have to see how young I can get! But, in reality, I did hit 33 this week. I had a pretty relaxing day. Chose not to do laundry or dishes. I made crepes for breakfast (Sarah kept whining for grapes, and I told her we didn't have any - she wanted me to go to the store. It wasn't until a bit later that I figured out she was talking about the crepes I was supposed to be making.) I got a few birthday phone calls in the morning and that put off our breakfast til almost 10:30! My visiting teachers came by with some sweet gifts and a nice visit. It was really nice around 4 when I realized I didn't have to worry about dinner at all! My mom made a tortellini dish for us. We went out there to eat. I had spent the afternoon scrapbooking a new calendar for her. I'll have to get a few pictures of some of them. It was fun - then I ran out of tape. I was surprised when my brother, his wife, and her mother showed up, too. They brought me flowers and Nate had a few things to add to my camera. I got some fun goodies from Kannon and the kids - a brush, shower gel, gum, handtowels.....and a coupon for a night or day on the town, including the temple. My mother outdid herself. Not only did she make my dinner, she also bought me a coffee table (the week before) felt bad that I brought my own ice cream, bought me a box full of great ornaments for my tree next year (I finally decided how to decorate it, since the kids will have their own), got me another knife for my Cutco collection (that makes 3) and said there's one more gift on the way! Wow! Kannon and the kids had made my cake for me - I'd requested a carrot cake, with cream cheese frosting. They weren't too thrilled and said they were going to make another cake for them to eat. It's my birthday! You'll eat what I pick! JK They didn't make another cake and even ate some of the carrot one.

So, then we got to have our night out on the town, the next day. I had already asked my mom to watch the kids - I had a dentist appt. and I was planning on meeting Kannon for an early dinner. But, turns out he had the day off (in between jobs - only 2 days this time). So, we made the whole day of it. We met Nate and Jackie for lunch at Olive Garden - I think I prefer Macaroni Grill. Then stopped at a few stores, looking for cheap snow boots for the kids. We didn't find any. Then I had my cleaning, where the hygenist was ticked the whole time because it's been a few years since I've been in. Ugh. I'm tired of that dentist office - I mean really! You're getting paid! Just do your job and leave me be! After that we headed to the temple where we met N & J again. We went through the first session in there for 2009. They were the first witness couple of the year and I was the first one through the veil. Of course that's not something to brag about - I just thought it was kind of interesting. So, it was fun to have a full day with just my husband - and we didn't even fight. Ya know what's even better? The kids were good for my mom. And they had a great day, too.


Jaime said...

Wow wow wow! The jacket looks great! Happy happy birthday!

Margaret said...

Sounds like you had a pretty good birthday!

Kim said...

Liz, you crack me up. You look great and I am proud of your comment about being a hot momma!