Sunday, July 5, 2009

Busy Days

We've had a great few busy days. We made plans, all tentative of course, but we got to do everything. Darn it! This is the end of another day and we still don't have our baby. I keep getting poked by it and I tell it to come out so there will be more room for stretching! My belly now hits the steering wheel. Please don't grow any more! All but this first picture are in order. Saturday morning Kannon got up early and did a few projects. He put a new window in our bedroom - yay, no more bugs! And he put up the new dining room light. We've had just a single light bulb for quite a few months. The brightness of this is incredible. I love it!
On Thursday afternoon, when Kannon got home, he packed up the tent, etc. and took the kids and some food to the lake for a camp out. I would have loved to go with them, but I didn't think a trek to the port-a-potties a few times in the night would be too fun. They had a good time in spite of the weather - it was raining off and on as well as thunder and lightning. But, the sky was beautiful and we all saw a rainbow. I came out on Friday morning. The kids were anxious for me to arrive. We just enjoyed the breeze for awhile, although it didn't take long for the kids to get in the water, and then we couldn't seem to get Ben out!
This is Sarah crying for me. I'm the one that tossed her on there with her Dad - but she didn't want to go. She was okay in the other rafty boats, but only if they stayed close to shore.

Ben and aunt Jackie.
This boat was given to us by Kannon's grandpa. It's been sitting at my parents house for the 2 years we've had it. We were waiting to get a motor for it. But, my brother Nathan decided it would be good fun and loaded it up. Nathan, his wife Jackie, my mom and dad came out around 11. Sister Susan and hubby Stephen came around 1pm. They took the boat out with oars a couple of times. Glad it's getting some use, and that it didn't have any wasp nests in it!

When the wind started to blow our toys away, we decided it was time to go home. Kannon and Ben took off again, after showers, to go shooting with Nathan, Jackie, and my cousin James. I relaxed and Sarah took a really long nap. Then we met up again at my parents house for hotdogs and chips. We made s'mores, too. I had bought the stuff a few weeks before and had been anticipating them, they were so good!


Jackie brought some fireworks and we did the few that didn't fly into the sky. The kids enjoyed the sparklers.

Watching the firework toys.

The kids again zonked out before we got home that night. On Saturday morning we went to the Boy Scout breakfast. I felt like it would be good to support that, as well as not having to fix the meal myself! It was already hot and bright when we got there. We ate our fill, then returned home to hurry down the block to the parade.
We always get there early enough to get a seat, but then we have to wait. I just sat the whole time and felt like my feet were frying. I did get a little color on my lower legs. We had a big beach umbrella for the rest of our bodies. The kids waited semi-patiently. Sarah had a good time making faces for the camera.

So, the 4th of July parade around here is one of the more boring ones. It had a lot of vehicles; the demolition derby cars, a bunch of old military vehicles, and trucks with trailers hauling kids from the Silver State International Rodeo that is here right now. And that was about it. The kids enjoyed going after the candy that was thrown, although Sarah spent more time moping about it than getting it. She just wasn't fast enough. Plus, a lady and her kids decided to "park" themselves in front of us and so her kids got the candy Sarah would have gotten had they not been there. Kannon got upset at them (there were some others, too, that had decided to get in front of us - half way into the street). He finally said something to them and the one guy said, "this is a parade, we can do what we want." I thought him rude and ignorant, but told Kannon that he'd had his say and if he couldn't handle it he needed to go home. He stayed and we just tried to ignore them. My favorite part was the big group of rodeo-ees ? that were next to us. Whenever one of the groups from the rodeo came by, these people had water balloons, squirt guns, large reservoirs of water - it was just fun to watch the water fighting each time. Kannon brought a bucket down, too, with water and their squirt guns. The kids were always surprised to see that our little Ben was the one that had just soaked them!
This was the end, when the fire trucks go by. Love the fingers in her ears!
Kannon attended a baptism in the evening and after the sun went down, we went to the fireworks. On the way, as we passed the hospital, we decided that would be a good place to sit for the "works". They had grass and a good view. We sat on a blanket and waited. I was pleased that there was light there, so I could read while we waited. The kids got hyper and ran around trying to do cartwheels. They also tried 'duck, duck, goose' but that really just ends up with the 2 of them running in circles. I got kind of bored with the fireworks. I guess I wanted to see them spiced up a little bit. Just the same old fireworks over and over again. Sarah quit first, she and Dad were walking back to the car when Ben decided to join them. It took me awhile to get my body up and then we went home - and to bed!

Waiting for the 'works.'
So, now it's the end of the 5th and still no baby. I've actually had 4 - yes 4! - contractions today. That has me a little excited since I haven't really had anything so far. My next appointment is on Tuesday - and my doctor gets back from his trip tonight. So, I guess he'll be there for the delivery after all. I'm really hopeful that it will be this week, or that something is happening. Because, so far, no dilation and no dropping, etc. This baby is getting heavy and putting a lot of pressure on my body, so getting up and moving around really hurts, almost as if I'd already had a baby! I walked Wal-mart the other night, getting groceries for the next few weeks, and was feeling pretty tight the whole time. So, I'd rather get up and move around, but it seems like everything hurts! And sleeping is a nightmare. I've gotten to the point where I don't move much at night, slept on the couch for an hour one night, too. Just anything to make sure my body doesn't hurt too much. Well, I had an epiphany yesterday. I was talking to a friend and as he told me all the things they were endeavoring in their lives, he said they pray and pay their tithing and have faith that it will all work out. That's when I remembered that although I've set aside our tithing money, it hasn't been paid for about a month. "Hey if we pay our tithing then this baby will come!" So, we did that today and now we will just have faith. Next post will for sure be one about our new baby!

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