Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's a birthday girl!

As much as we all - me, most of all - wish this was a post about a new "birthday" in the family, it's not. Sarah turned 3! She's changing so much, so quickly. Some things we wish would change faster than others. She whined through half of sacrament meeting and still loves to hit when she's mad. Of course that usually comes after much teasing from her big brother.
I think she got to have a pretty special day. When she woke up she had a cute doll cradle waiting for her. Kannon and I had re-made the one that I had as a child. It had been brown with yellow and red designs. We sanded it down, painted it white with pink designs. She puts all the babies in it, some on top of the others. But, it's fun to see how they end up. I hope she enjoys it. She wanted eggs, bacon and biscuits for breakfast, but I realized I didn't have enough eggs and talked her into pancakes. When I got up, Ben brought me a list of what Sarah wanted for breakfast. It said: eggs, pink lemonade, pancakes. The way it was written I saw pink pancakes. So, that was what she got. Her favorite way to eat them? With butter, held in her hands. Whatever is left over gets eating by the kids throughout the morning, in the same manner. I had quite a list of to-do's that day. Kannon and I were going to a sealing in Reno that afternoon, so I had to have everything ready. Luckily, I'd already done the present stuff in preparation for having a new baby. But, as I started the cake, I remembered - again - that I didn't have the eggs. So, we made a quick trip to the store for eggs. She wasn't interested in licking the bowl, but Ben didn't mind. She did lick the beater and had pink all over her face. I gave her a choice of shapes for her cake - not surprised that she picked the heart. Well, I decided I could fit more of the cake mix in the pan than just half and it ended up overflowing and taking a long time to cook. I was really worried that it would be raw or gross inside. But, everyone loved how moist it was - yay!
She picked out the decorations. She wanted pink frosting with a pink flower. I didn't have a pink flower to put on - so I dyed the pink frosting a darker pink and made my own. I used green sprinkles for the stem and leaf. At lunch, she asked for eggs, bacon and biscuits, again. I told her I didn't think I could do the biscuits (time and energy lacking) but she got the eggs and bacon. I also made dinner for that night in advance. I'd asked my mom - again - to babysit and thought dinner would be a nice return. I got everything done on time, rushed the kids and all the stuff to my parents house and back in town to be picked up for a ride to Reno. On my short drive I remembered I hadn't eaten yet. So, rush into the house, grab my temple recommend and shove some food in while waiting for my ride. I really enjoyed that ride. Got to visit with a good friend who is also due right now. We enjoyed the sealing of some friends in our ward. What a special day for them - it was their 10th anniversary and they had their 3 children with them. When we got back in town we went to my parents house and did presents and cake & ice cream. The kids had been so anxiously waiting. We gave her a book, 2 puzzles, a nightgown with princesses, an apron that matches moms and 2 princess lunchbox tins. From the grandma's she got a book, a doll, a princess chair, coloring book, and . For her ice cream I had let her pick some from the Schwan's man - she wanted pink and the only available one was Dark Sweet Cherry, which we all loved.

We sang happy birthday to her, Ben carried the cake to her and she blew them out before we were even finished singing. And then she said, "thank you." So sweet. The kids were both really tired when we got done and got home. So, we put them to bed. Actually, Kannon and Ben decided to camp on the lawn - I went to the grocery store. But, Sarah was out before we even got home - must have been a great day for her! We're so glad to have her in our family. Her smiles still bring so much joy.

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