Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer fun.

Summer has been slow coming to our part of the world, and that's been fine with me. I love the spring and fall weather the best. Yesterday, though, brought the first real hot stuff. In the 90's. After a lazy Taco Bell dinner, I cleaned out the Suburban and got the baby seat in and situated. I was really hot by the time I finished (and this was at 6:00!) and sat down to read for awhile. Kannon walked across the street to the store, with the kids, and they bought some squirt guns and a fun sprinkler. After they got it all set up, I went out to watch them and enjoy their fun. I did get wet, too. I let them spray me a bit and even ran through the sprinkler with Sarah. She has such a hard time with it, though. She wants to be a part of the fun, but isn't too excited about getting wet. Right now, as a matter of fact, the 2 kids are outside with the water and she just keeps screaming. I warned her when she put on her suit that she would get wet. So, it's almost laughable.

This was the end of the water fight as we did not refill the bucket.
Just a brief update.

Nothing happening. No, really. Absolutely nothing. This baby has not dropped, and the doctor says that nothing can or will happen until it does. So, now I will be doing more talking to this one, inviting him/her to move along!

The other day I was cooking dinner. Benjamin smelled the spices and said, "yuck, that stinks, I must be allergic." After I named the ingredients -garlic powder, onion powder and pepper - he went on. "I think when you mix the garlic, onion and pepper it becomes something I'm allergic to." I think he was just teasing me, but I thought how fun his mind is sometimes.

Sarah walked in on me blinking, squinting and rubbing my eye. She furrowed her brow and asked what was wrong. I told her I had something in my eye. "Is it a tic-tac?"


Brandon and Lisa Bird said...

Good luck with the baby coming! We are excited for you :)

Nancy said...

You were supposed to have that baby during my Utah trip so that I could stop by on my way back. Oh well. And do you guys often get tic-tacs stuck in your eyes?! :)

The de Arrieta's said...

Bless your heart! Hang in there and I am excited to hear what this little bundle is.

Margaret said...

Here's hoping that the baby will drop soon. Love the tic-tac story.