Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just wanted to post the pictures I promised. This is our garden. We have green beans (need to put up poles), carrots, spinach (the lettuce didn't grow at all), beets, peppers, herbs, watermelon, and tomatoes. We also planted the little pear tree. I hope we've moved before it produces, though! We've had incredible rain for the past month and really appreciate that way of watering.
This is the before of our bathroom. With the cool shower rod deal we had to have 2 shower curtains. That wall had a door that went into the kids room. We covered it up when we remodeled their room - 3 YEARS AGO! And the blue tub just didn't leave room for different colors in the bathroom. The trim around the window, etc. used to be a bright blue - I painted it "hitching post."

So, this is the bathtub now. I really like the tile and don't think we did a bad job. We had a problem when we put up the shower rod, broke 2 tiles. So, he's replaced those, we just need to re-grout. Plus, the grout in that corner cracked all the way up. So, we need to redo that. I've painted the new wall, we just need to get some trim so it will match the rest of the room. But, we all enjoy it. I especially love having a shower in our house again! It took at least 3 weeks!

Next are some old/new pictures of my bedroom. Our original plan had been to remodel the whole thing- tearing out the walls and ceiling. But, we both felt it would be better to use that money to pay on the baby bills soon to come. Instead, I insisted we paint (I've hated the turquoise walls since we moved in!), rip out the carpet and sand the wood floor underneath, and replace the window.

The kids helping me prime the wall.

This was underneath the carpet! We were surprised to find it there. It's a kind of linoleum with this feather design. SO OLD. And totally glued on to the wood. Kannon ended up taking half a day off work to do it. We had planned on him doing it on a Saturday, but he needed to work. He picked up the sanders at 1pm and didn't get finished until 10:30 that night. He took one break to eat dinner! He was my hero.

One finished view.
One old view. I didn't take any of the carpet, but it was gray and gross. The previous owners had dogs and we found dog hair in the carpet for a long time. Plus, it was just stained and ugh.

I took a picture of this because I wanted to have a record of what used to be in our bedroom - a room that should bring peace and comfort. I decided to remove this bookshelf, it is now on the back porch and our room feels so much better.

Another after picture. I still need to finish painting the trim around all 3 doors and the window. I only painted half up the edges, enough to get us moved back in. This is a project I really don't want to leave for very long. I've ordered the window - it should come in a few weeks. That'll be nice. We don't have a screen right now on our old window, so we get some bugs in that way at night. In this one you can see the floor! Such a difference. The whole room is so much brighter and even more inviting.

These are the yellow roses in the front yard. It's time for me to cut the old buds off so we can have them some more this summer.

And these are the wild ones that grow on the other side of the door in the front. They are mostly dead now. Bummer, my front will be colorless for awhile, I guess.

I guess that's that.


Janet said...

I like the remodeling. Especially the alcove in the shower for your stuff. Way cool! I think you need to get some pics up on your bedroom walls too. Looks a little bare...but I don't have room to talk due to our bare walls.

Jaime said...

Wow wow wow! You guys are my heroes! We've lived in our house for almost 9 years and I'm not brave enough to do anything! Well, and my husband doesn't know how, so lucky you!

Elizabeth "Betsy" said...

When your house is 90 years old and things just don't work, you have to get on the ball and do something. We're still hoping to make some money when we sell the house someday.
Bare walls, yeah. Not sure what to put in our "master suite."

Nancy said...

Everything looks great! You guys have sure been ambitous. Its nice to get projects done. Good job!