Sunday, September 20, 2009

9/11 and the rest of the week(end)

Ben got an invite to a birthday party. They got to be super heroes and pick their name, color, powers. He had a good time playing with his old ABC School friends.
On September 11th the Navy Base had an air show. The day before we could see the planes practicing (and hear them). I watched them from my kitchen window as I canned peaches. Benjamin got to go on his first field trip with the school. They took all the kids out in the morning and they got to see some of the show, tour an airplane or two, a helicopter. Then they got to have the second half of the day off. We didn't choose to go out on our own because I was worried about the baby and all the noise. We did see the Blue Angels fly by a few times and so we sat out front and watched for awhile. I realized afterward that we could have at least driven out that way and watched from the car. Oh well.
Kannon wanted to take the kids out early Saturday morning to see the Reno Hot Air Balloon Races. They misbehaved (and I was too tired) so we didn't go early. But, we did go to Reno and Kannon and I took turns doing initiatories in the temple. I went first and Kannon took the kids over to see the balloons. Unfortunately, most of them had landed by the time they got there.

When Kannon went in to have his turn, the kids and I took a few trips around the temple grounds. I tried out the macro setting on my camera.

Ben and Sarah played "I'm the sleeping princess (or prince)."

We HAD to sing little purple pansies.

When the kids started running around and forgetting where we were, we piled in the car again and I took us for a drive. We ended up following some signs to a yard sale. They didn't have much, but each of the kids found something on which to spend the quarters they'd found in the car. Benjamin bought some party stuff and Sarah found some frilly pens.

For lunch we grabbed Burger King drive-thru for the kids and Kannon bought this 20" sandwich at Capriotti's for us to share. It was a philly cheesesteak chicken sandwich. So yum!

We ran to a few store, didn't buy much, realized we'd be better off making Halloween costumes this year, and got some food storage from Smith's case lot sale.

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