Monday, September 28, 2009

Phunky Photos

Just thought I'd add some random pics today. Ben took this one. The other day, Sarah and I went to the dollar store and bought Ben this cube. It broke almost immediately. He had a dollar and wanted me to go back to the dollar store right then, so he could get a new one. Well, a few days later, I did take him. He bought another one. It, too, broke soon after he got it - with Sarah's help. She paid him for it. I had one more that I had bought to go in our gift box (for birthday parties, etc.). He wanted to try again, and bought it from me. Well, it's on its last leg - been taped a few times. I guess that's the result of a dollar store toy.

This was quite a surprise. I was sitting at the computer with a content baby on my knee. I felt and heard a splash on the floor - THEN I heard him pooping. HOW does it squirt out like that!? So, I had poop on my skirt, on my toes, and on him. Where to start? I gingerly heel-walked to the baby's bed, sat him up and cleaned him up. He wasn't even that messy. On the way back to my room, I swiped a few spots that had dripped along the way. It took a few paper towels and some wipes to get this mess cleaned up. Yuck!

And this is our living carrot. The kids were so excited to give me this carrot Saturday night. They pointed out the legs, bum and nose. This photo was taken shortly before the skinning and decapitation!

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cherrytree said...

My sweet princess did that Sunday! I'm sitting in Primary listening to Elena give the A of F and suddenly there was an explosion in my lap! The entire Primary turns and stares. Horrified, I check and sure enough there are cups of green goo pouring everywhere!!! How do they do that?!!! I had to stick her under the faucet, dress and all!!! :P YUCK!!