Sunday, January 3, 2010

3 Down - 1 to go!

Basically, I'm behind and don't care too much if I get caught up, but I already loaded the pictures, so enjoy!
We made Rudolph Rice Krispies
Cutting out the circles, even with a cookie cutter, was a pain!

Our pretzels were too small - they were supposed to be bigger to look like the antlers.

Playing Candy Land. SEE I DO do fun things with the kids every once in awhile!
And yes, she is wearing a swim suit in December!

The ward Christmas party and dinner.

Waiting to sing!

In line to see Santa. This is Ben's friend, Kaden. He kept picking Sarah up. They all thought that was just great!

Ben was hot(?) and Sarah wanted to be just like him!

See little teeth, and the evidence of more to come!
(ie. the running nose and drool)

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