Sunday, January 3, 2010

A New Year - 2010

Our New Year did not start out as planned. We went to bed on NY eve about 10 pm so that we could get up at 2:15 to leave for Las Vegas. Kannon has family down there we wanted to visit and my brother was blessing his baby on Sunday. We made it to Hawthorne, an hour away, and turned around to come home. Kannon (and the baby) were coughing the whole way. He felt like if we were supposed to go it would get better, but since it just got worse during that hour he felt we should go home. Ben cried. He was so disappointed. I was okay with it. The baby had been so cranky all week with his teething and hadn't been sleeping well and I just didn't want to deal with that anywhere but home. We slept off and on that day (kind of taking turns) and took down Christmas stuff.

I was glad that we didn't miss out on the primary breakfast where the kids got to meet their new teachers for the year. Sarah is just starting in primary this year and I felt like that would be kind of important.
Ben and Sister Beach

Sarah and Sister Madsen

After the breakfast we took the kids to Walmart to spend the $20 their great-grandpa gave them. It was fun to help them decide what to get. After that it was home to do some cleaning. Everybody helped and we even found some missing items (like the prescription ear drops!).
Kannon and Ben in the living room.

Sarah cleaning the bathroom sink.
Me? I just told everyone what to do and took pictures! JK.

I thought it would be appropriate to start off our year with new Sunday pictures. Ben is a CTR 7 and Sarah is a Sunbeam.

Then you've got to enjoy our little Joshua for a minute. He's 6 months old - Already! He is still so cranky. And I don't think I'd call it colic, but I guess I could be wrong. He seems to be teething, still. He just likes to be held and sometimes that doesn't even help. We have a swing, bouncy seat, and jumper. He got an exersaucer for Christmas. He enjoys jumping. Always has. He'll jump in your lap as long as your arms can handle it. He likes to stand, too, so we thought he'd love the exersaucer, but I think he feels abandoned when we put him in it. Or something. Sometimes he'll play for awhile, but more often than not, he's crying. He's also starting to enjoy the floor more. I guess because he's becoming more mobile. He can scoot in a circle and sometimes move backward. He gets up on his knees and sometimes up on his toes! I have mixed feelings about him becoming mobile. He still has the best smile and he's enjoying his brother and sister more - he likes to be entertained by them. We've been feeding him solid food now, and he likes anything we give him. But, now comes the pooping issue that we've had with all our kids. Ben drank prune juice - a lot of prune juice. I remember giving Sarah enemas all the time. Really don't want to go through that again. We'll have to figure out what to do because I see it already happening. Any advice on that one? Or are my kids just oddities?

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Kristine said...

Oh it's so exciting for Sunbeams, Ryder had a countdown with the Sundays left that he "had" to go to Nursery.