Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I love you because......

We had a fun Family Home Evening last night. Kannon was in charge and found this lesson.
Sorry I'm no good at the link thing.

One of the hearts said, "Tell what you love about a family member."

Me: I love it when Sarah helps me make things in the kitchen. She's a great helper. - followed by a most sincere hug from said Sarah.

Kannon: I love Benjamin because he likes to do stuff with me - camping, basketball.

Sarah: I love you, Mom, because you help me pick up my toys.

At the end of the lesson Ben was disappointed that he didn't get a turn to say one. (There were only 3 of them to pick.) So, I asked him to say one.

Ben: I love Joshua because he always smiles at me.

It was sweet. And for once I actually DID feel the love at FHE!


Jaime said...

Amazing! I know isn't FHE such a hard thing to enjoy sometimes! LOL

Amy said...

If you actually felt love at FHE, I am going to have to try it! :-) Cute idea! Kannon should be in charge more often, huh? :-)