Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Ben's school had they're 100th day a few weeks ago. This week he brought home an "IF I HAD A HUNDRED..." sheet. Kannon and I both got a kick out of his thought process. 7-10 he got to fill in the 100 ________. We just love our Benjamin!

1. If I had 100 dollars, I would ... Spend it on a merbership card.
2. If I had 100 pencils, I would ... Sell them
3. If I had 100 mosquito bites, I would .., Diiiiieeee!!!
4. If I had 100 friends, I would ... Play with them
5. If I had 100 legs, I would ... cut off 98 of them
6. If I had 100 eyes, I would ... keep them
7. If I had 100 ARMYS, I would ... Make them fight Englind
8. If I had 100 PAINTBALLS, I would ... throw them
9. If I had 100 GRAVEYARDS, I would ... faint
10 If I had 100 ROCKETS, I would ... bust through the school


Jaime said...

That is so fun!

marissa said...

those are so cute, I especially like the legs haha

Susan said...

Hilarious! Stephen and I cracked up at these...especially that he would attack England!