Thursday, March 25, 2010

March madness

We've kept pretty busy over the last few weeks. Kannon had another lay-off. I wish they could make up their minds. This time they told him to put his name on the books. We were about to look into finding work in another part of the country or going up north to the mines when they called him and wanted him back. Who knows how long it will last this time. It's kind of a constant worry for me now. We were blessed to have just gotten our tax return. That, with unemployment kept us okay for the time. And Kannon's mom sent us home, from a weekend up there, with a bunch of food. We also made the leap to change our communications. We eliminated the internet and cable and changed our cell service to work better with our needs. That opens up about $120 each month. The hardest part about him being off was wanting to do improvements on the house, but not being able to spend the money on the items we would need. We did get the bathroom all done. (Well, there's a little trim painting I need to do today, and we still need a new window.)
Sarah, Kannon and I all got our teeth cleaned and all got good reports! Ben will have his done over spring break.
Lots of wet smiles. Joshua is doing so much better. Hopefully that will last more than just this week! He got a new tooth, making 6 and I'm pretty sure he's still working on one or two more. This little guy loves his dad - yay! He gets really excited when Daddy comes into the room and makes a beeline for him. He's done okay since Kannon went back to work, but is really happy to see him at the end of the day. I even got to spend a whole day in Reno with my mom. Baby did just fine with his daddy. That's also because he's quit nursing in the day. He still wakes up at night to nurse. And we've done okay with the formula. I've had some issues giving that up and keep trying. Some days he's better at it than others, but it's nice to know that he can be left for awhile now.

Making bristle block babies.

We had a really fun surprise party for Kannon's mom. She turned 50 this month and we got all but one son, daughter-in-law and grandson out to Winnemucca for a party. She thought she was coming to babysit for Sasha. When we all showed up at the door 15 minutes later she was really surprised. We just visited and ate and had a nice day together. Her brother and his wife came down, too.

We celebrated St. Patricks Day. I saw this on someone's blog. I think it was the Love Actually one. Wish I could remember for sure. So, surprised the family with this one.

I also made matching clothes for my kiddos (courtesy of another blog from a blog-hopping day!) Sarah has a skirt (Kannon took the picture and didn't know I wanted the skirt to show. =(
The baby has a tie on his onesie and Ben got the 4-leaf clover. It was fun to do and I think they liked it too. Well, the baby probably didn't care!

We've really been enjoying the spring weather. The kids sat outside one day while I worked on a project. They discovered the Napoleon Dynamite wig and took turns with it. The baby looked pretty cool too.
And just last night Joshua dumped the box of whales. I'm pretty sure we have a picture like this from Sarah, too, when she was little.

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Jaime said...

Wow wow wow!!! You guys are so amazing! Keep going, I know the Lord will bless you as you try to raise your family the best you can!