Sunday, April 11, 2010

Family Fun Day

We've been trying a new reward system at our house. If a family rule is broken their clip gets moved down to warning/ time out/ and then chore. If they are caught doing good things they get to move their clip up and earn tickets. When they have enough tickets they can spend them at our family store. Ben's been saving his tickets and Sarah just does what Ben does, so they finally had enough to turn them in for the Fun Center in Fernley.
We went over on Saturday afternoon. They started out in the playland. They were the only kids there, which was kind of fun, although I know Ben would have loved playing with other kids, too. They have foam balls all over and quite a few machines that shoot them around. I enjoyed helping Ben gather balls and load them. Sarah didn't like the noise of the machines, but finally got brave enough to explore the whole area.

Then we decided to take a turn at bowling. It was fun. We all did things our own way. Sarah used the bumpers and the roller-helper thing. (Sorry, I don't know the technical term!) Ben used the bumpers, but mostly rolled his own balls. I won - woo-hoo!

We also went out to eat at Wendy's and grabbed some ice cream to finish off our day. Kannon and Ben earned that by planting the grass seeds. I really enjoy our family time, the things we all do together, when no one is fighting. Then we have Sundays. Haven't figured out how to make those work better.