Sunday, July 11, 2010


Sarah "graduated" from ABC school. (In quotes because she didn't really graduate since she's doing it again this next year. But, her class was all older and they were graduating.) Anyway, it was an occasion with caps, diplomas, clapping, popsicles and playing at the park.

Sarah and friend Madison.

Dad and Ben went to the Father and Son's outing. They went with our good friends, the Mortensen's. It was eventful. From what I know of the campout Ben fell in the creek - twice, they went on a hike and found this huge mushroom, and Ben threw up in the night - probably all those hotdogs!

They got back about 4 pm on that Saturday and Kannon left to help a friend with some plumbing issues. That was about the same time that our friends lost their son. The Mortensen's son Rex was riding behind his brother's car on his skateboard when he fell and hit his head. It was a tragic accident and my heart still hurts for them. They have the gospel and are doing so well. Rex was living his life the way he should have been. The funeral was the next week. We helped out by donating to the car wash and I led the music at the funeral. That was tough. I'm glad we got to know Rex and that he was a good example for Benjamin.

Sarah's birthday was the big item for the month. We've been thinking about it for the past 6 months! In our family we celebrate with a big party every 4 years. So this was Sarah's 4th birthday bash. She started out wanting a ballerina party and changed her mind about a month before her day - to a ladybug party. It was fun to find ideas for this and maybe a little change from the usual pink or princess parties for little girls her age.
This was our invite:
This little ladybug is at your door to tell you that Sarah is turning four!
infestation time:
fly on over to:
buzz us at:
We hope to spot you there.
Since Kannon was out of work, I did as much as I could on my own and made the cute invites myself. Sarah put on the spots. I also made a pinata. Ugh. I know you're supposed to let the paper machie dry in between layers, but my balloon shrunk and so we had a cave in on one end of it. Oh, well, it lasted only a few minutes of hitting anyway!
When the girls arrived they got to pick out a skirt. I had made these cute skirts out of a ladybug print in purple, pink and green. Then to the table to make their own lady bug bracelets. I bought the kits from the Oriental Trading Co.
After that we sent them on a treasure hunt with clues that Ben and Grammy drew and hid. That went pretty quick, but was the trick to getting some of the shyer girls involved. The prize at the end of the hunt were ladybug wings and antenna. I found the wings at the dollar store (yay!) and made the antenna with headbands, pipe cleaners and pom poms.
Then the girls really wanted to do presents so we went there. That was quick, too, but I was really pleased that Sarah remembered her manners and didn't need to be reminded to thank each girl.

I guess next was the cupcakes and ice cream. The ice cream was really soft (our freezer hasn't been working real well lately) and got pretty soupy. But, they ate what they wanted and then we headed outside again for the pinata.

I think the bat might have been too heavy for these little girls especially with the pinata as high as it was. I wish I'd gotten a picture of the pinata before it was destroyed. We let each girl have a few turns and then handed it over to Ben, who opened it in a few "whacks".
Here are all the girls in their finery. They got to take home their skirts, wings, and antenna along with a spotted bag full of candy, stickers and bubbles. We heard that some of the girls talked about it for days and even wore their skirts to church! I'm glad they came and made it such a special day for Sarah.
That evening we went out to Grammy and Papa's for a family birthday and presents. This is the cake I made for us.

I think she might have gotten spoiled this year. I bought all of her gifts at yard sales and thrift stores, but that meant I could get her so many things! She had a good time and fell asleep on the way home that night.

We did a few picnics. I'm trying to do stuff with them to make the summer more fun. Also, Kannon got a job again, only this one has him working 12 hour days EVERY day of the week. He's been working for 2 weeks straight now, hopefully ending that schedule this coming week.

Before church last week - Sarah let me curl her hair and was wearing her new dress that Grammy made for her.
Swimming lessons. They both moved up to the next level from last year, but will need to do that level one more time - need a little more experience and Sarah needs more guts. She wouldn't even jump in to someone waiting to catch her.
Ben had guts, but needs a little more practice with some of his strokes. I don't know, look at that form!

We spent a big day in Reno this last Friday - oh wait, that's not June! Oh, well. It was Joshua's 1st birthday. I know. Can you believe it? He's one! Well, because of Kannon's schedule we will wait to celebrate with him when he's home. I had to go to Reno to get a new mouth guard and then we had the rest of the day to wait. Aunt Susan and Uncle Stephen were taking Sarah and Ben to see Toy Story 3. We went to the park to eat, across the street to a thrift store to shop and use the bathroom. Then back to the park (after a quick stop for slurpee's and water) to play on the toys.
Then we went to another store, then the mall. We stopped at Bath and Body Works to get hand sanitizer and then we made an impromptu stop at the Build-a-Bear Workshop. We all enjoyed creating a bear for Joshua's birthday. You can see it in the last picture. Then it was off to KFC for dinner, where mashed potatoes were spilled and Joshua dropped his glass baby food jar on the floor - guess the result! We went over to Susan and Stephen's to drop off the kids. It was almost 7:00, so I texted Kannon and I got to trade cars with him - he took Joshua home and I had a few hours to myself where I ended up buying clothes for the kids - got some really good deals! I was super tired by the time we were driving home. And I still haven't caught up on my sleep. Late nights and early mornings, lately.
Somebody sleeps well! Yes, there is a baby in this picture. The funniest part, to me, is that Ben still sleeps like this! With his body all wrapped up in a blanket and just his face poking out and of course his legs. I worry about his breathing, though! I did uncover his face after I took the picture. He still doesn't say much, but is running everywhere and still eating everything (and I don't mean food!) He loves to be outside, where he promptly eats dirt and twigs. He's also been more accident prone than the other kids. He often has an owie on his face of some sort, or a bloody nose or lip! I love him so much. He's definitely more cuddly at this age than the other 2 were. He also likes to be chased, especially when his brother and sister play with him like that.


Kristine said...

What a cute party, love the little skirts you made!

Jaime said...

What a fun mom you are to do all that!

cherrytree said...

Liz, you're so creative! I love the Ladybug party! The skirts, and cupcakes, the pinate, and the cake, everything was sooo cute! I might have to steal your idea for Analiese. :)