Sunday, July 11, 2010


We had a yard sale in May - we didn't want it to be too hot, plus we needed to get the stuff gone! Ya know, after storing and saving it for a year, you're just ready to get it out. Grandma P. had the cousins for a whole week and came over to spend Saturday with us. These are the kids from oldest to youngest. We also took the picture tallest to shortest. My kids are both taller than their older cousins. Although, Kate and Ben are 2 years apart and Quade and Sarah are only 4 months apart.

I'm pretty sure Daddy was trying to dress Joshua, when he escaped.

We had a "girls' day out"! We were able to fly Janet out for a weekend and Nancy met us at Susan's in Reno. It was a fun time! We visited for a bit before heading out for lunch at . . . .

Claim Jumper.

I got this club sandwich. It was huge. I wasn't too thrilled with it - for some reason I was expecting a warm sandwich. I definitely couldn't eat it all. But, we all had delicious food and I totally recommend that restaurant - it's yummy. (but, don't wait more than 30 minutes for a table.)

We went back to Susan's and gave ourselves pedicures. I did Nancy's for her - it would have been kind of hard to bend over, etc. (she's about due).

More visiting and fondue. We had chocolate with marshmallows, strawberries, pineapple, and pound cake. And cheese sauce with broccoli, chicken and bread. So yum.

I ended my night with a movie back at my mom's with her and Janet. I was tired, but had such a good time with the girls. Glad we can do that every once in awhile.

A few days later I took Sarah to my hairdresser for her first "real" haircut. She had this sour face the whole time. Then when Liz finished her hair, she didn't want to get down. She said she wasn't done. So Liz curled her hair, too. So cute!

And a much better attitude!

We spent Memorial Day weekend in Elko with all the family.

Joshua playing keyboard with Grandpa.

Gabby and Sarah riding the train at the neighbors bbq.

Kannon (in black) playing basketball with brother Brock. I do believe Brock won this round.

Hanging out with all the cousins! (the 3 little boys and 1 little girl were probably inside)

And there was definitely shopping to be done. I always enjoy the clothing sales we can find in Elko. And Kannon took Ben to yard sales. And wouldn't you know it, Kannon got laid off again that Friday before we left. So, June was a bit of a tight month, money-wise.

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