Tuesday, February 22, 2011

January 2011

I don't know what to say about January. I was coming out of a depression. I have to say I'm not all the way out, but definitely doing much better. I entered a weight-loss competition at the gym. I regret to say that a month in and I still weigh the same. I've been going regularly, (except the week we were all so sick in Feb.) but I have a food addiction. I was talking to Kannon about it one night. I told him he doesn't understand, he's never craved food like that. After telling me he craves food I asked, "do you think about it all the time? Do you think about how you're going to get it, what it will taste like, when and where you will eat it?" No. That's pretty much reserved for us addicts. If everything goes as planned I will be going to the addiction recovery program that the church has. I just don't know what else to do. I am proud of myself for exercising, though. It's a hard thing to get out and to have to take my kids to the kids club at the gym, too.

Also, in January, we cleaned the church one Saturday, Kannon worked overtime and also a few days in Mammoth, and Benjamin started Fallon Youth Basketball. I'm glad it's only for a few months. These youth sports stress me out. Each coach is different, so when you get to the games they are always a bit chaotic and frustrating. These basketball games, for this age group, are reffed by the coaches. Ben mostly enjoys it and I keep hoping his maturity in playing with others will increase.

Ben, with the ball.

The other big deal in January was the change of Ben's class. He was transferred to a different class. One day, out of the blue (it was a Thursday) Ben's principal called me. He let me know that the teacher had pulled Ben's hair on Tuesday. One of Ben's friends/classmates had told the principal. He had been sitting on the floor near the teacher, with other classmates. He doesn't know why, but she pulled his hair hard enough to make his head yank over and bump the table where she was sitting. And that was it. He said some of his friends giggled, but nothing was ever said. Not to him, not to me. I talked to the principal again on Friday and requested that he be moved to a different class. He's doing okay in this new class. For him it's almost like starting a new school year. He's already had some issues with his temper and being responsible. His new teacher called me just last week because he was having such a poor attitude. It made me cry. I don't know why he's like that and I don't know what to do about it? And it's embarrassing. My children's behavior is a direct reference to my parenting and apparently I'm not doing the right things with them. He ended up missing his Valentine's party and was grounded from the wii and all other games for the week. He had a good report on Friday and hopefully it will just get better. She's a great teacher. As for his old teacher, I'm a little surprised that she never told me about it, talked to him or me about it, and never apologized. I'm waiting to hear the results of what happened. I know that there was to be a meeting with her, the principal, and her union rep. The Child Protective Services are also involved and came by to a get a detailed report from Ben, too. I don't know what the result was of all that, yet.

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Jaime said...

Oh my goodness I'm glad he can go to a new class. I have a friend who is a food addict and goes to the addiction program the church offers. She says it is very good. Good luck! It is a hard addiction since food is everywhere and pushed on us so much. Good luck, you can do it!!