Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012

The Easter Bunny is coming to town! Joshua and Sarah liked helping me set up the Easter decorations. Then they asked for the plastic eggs and had a good time hiding them in the yard. (and dumping them all over my living room more than once!)

Easter came at the end of our Spring Break. We just took it easy. I didn't want to spend money to go anywhere especially since I would have had to go without Kannon. There were playdates and parties. Late nights and movie rentals. I was a good girl and still went to the gym! We even tried story time and the Library. I had to take Joshua out to the car during story time. He wouldn't be any kind of "still" and then he got dangerous and loud. I ended up going home and picking up his "leash" so that we could navigate the library. I still had to cut that trip shorter than I wanted, and didn't get to pick out any books for myself. =(

We dyed our eggs on Friday night. I tried another Pinterest idea and used Koolaid. I did Not have the results that so many others had, and I won't be doing it again. The colors were mostly okay. But, the red (tropical punch) turned out orange. The blue and green (raspberry ? and lemon-lime) were 'barely there' colors. I had bought a package of egg coloring, too, so I quickly mixed that up so we could get some pink, purple and better blue and green.

In the end, it didn't matter what colors we had, the kids had a great time. Kannon took Josh off early for a bath - he started getting crazy!

We messed around with these eggs a bit more and got some that were a bit more vibrant.
That night the Easter Bunny, aka Mom, filled baskets with some fun goodies and an egg of candy. They also got chocolate bunnies from their daddy. I decided to make a trail from their beds to the "loot".

I had gone early to help with Bountiful Baskets and I didn't think I'd get home before they'd finished off their bunnies. But, they had only just gotten up and explored their baskets!

Ben with his plastic bubbles, Joshua with a Toy Story camera, and

Sarah trying out her new Slap Watch.
We tried to make our new brick patio that morning, too. We got the space dug out, but then the store we were going to buy our paving gravel from closed early. =(

That afternoon we went out to my parents house to hunt

for eggs and visit and have yummy food.

I hid the plastic (empty) eggs in the front yard. It was all they could do to keep Joshua in. He ended up heading out the back door just as I finished up.

They all had a good time hunting, and nobody fought over finding "this" one or "that" one, or "he got more than me", or "I saw that one first". It was just pleasant.

Then Uncle Stephen and Ben took the plastic eggs out back and hid

them again, for Sarah and Joshua.

It was hard to keep Josh inside after that! He loves being in Grammy's yard.

It was an enjoyable evening with Mom and Dad, Stephen and Susan.

We also spent Sunday afternoon at my parents again. Having another Easter dinner. This time with my Uncle John, Aunt Mary and cousin James. We talked about the job possibilities in Ely. It was fun to think of what "could be". The wind was yucky that day, but once again, Joshua wanted to be outside most of the time. Ben and Sarah decided to spend the night there, since they didn't have school on Monday - one more day of Spring Break.

Monday, when Kannon got home from work, he and Ben finally raced their space derby. They had worked hard on their ships for about a month. As far as I was aware, Ben beat Kannon 2 out of 3 races.

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