Thursday, April 12, 2012

March 2012

We started off the month of March with the annual Cub Scout Blue and Gold dinner. At this event the boys get to decorate a cake for dessert. They really wanted it to be the boys creation, so I pinned (love me some Pinterest) a bunch of ideas and let Ben decide what to do. I baked the cake and frosted the initial layer. He did the rest.

Even took his own picture!
I got strep throat - AGAIN!! Kannon did some grocery shopping for me and brought home some fun green flowers for all of us. He wrote some special notes to everyone, too. Ben put his on his dresser. Sarah put her flower on my stove. Joshua turned his flower upside down and dip, dip, dipped it in the water. It didn't last too long. The rest of the flowers made it through the end of the month!

The wearing o' the green! We pull these out every year. When Ben was 4 we bought our St. Patrick's Day gear for a ward party/ talent show. It's awesome!

We had two of our favorite families over for dinner on the 16th for green food. The Edwards and the McCormick's came and we did potluck. Lots of green love. We ate kale chips, green quesadillas, lots of green veggies, some meat in green sauce (yum!), a green jello dessert and a bunch of minty chocolates! We also had a good time playing "What's Yours Like?" I've heard that game can get a bit racy, but I think it depends on the players. I've played it with 2 different groups and never had an issue.

On Sunday I sent the kids around the house on their Leprechaun treasure hunt (also pinspired!). Saturday had proven to be a really busy day and we didn't get around to it.

They found the treasure! Individual paper pots of m&m's!

Kannon's new hobby -the art of belt buckling! He really likes putting these together and spends a lot of his free time (which really isn't much) in the garage welding and buffing. He's sold a few and given some away. He traded one for some babysitting, too!

Kannon took all 3 kids to the Monster Jam. The original plan was to take Ben on their date for the month. But, he really wanted to take Joshua, too, and I told him that he had to take Sarah, also, if she wanted to go. She did. I dropped them off and spent a few hours doing some window shopping, then picked them up when it was over and we did some grocery shopping for the month. For Ben and Kannon's date, they built space derby ships.

I was asked to participate in a Chautauqua for our Relief Society Birthday party. I was Louisa Barnes Pratt. My mom made me this awesome dress for the 1840's. I had so much fun being someone else for the evening (we pretended all through dinner, too). I didn't want to take off my costume when I came home.

I really enjoyed comparing Louisa as a woman, wife, and mother to me as a woman, wife and mother. There were a lot of similarities. Doesn't matter that she lived so many years before me. We, as women are so similar through the ages. We struggle with the same issues. She had to take care of her family when her husband was called to serve a mission. I know women who have had to do that while their husbands are in the military, or just have to work long hours or far away. This depressed her for days, moved her to tears. But, she eventually came to herself and got down to business. She moved with her husband to the Pacific Islands to finish his mission. In her lifetime she built and left behind 7 homes. She had to choose between her religion and her husband when a time came that he wasn't willing to follow the Prophet. We each have similar trials. Anyway, I'm not a philosopher, but she wasn't "just" a pioneer - she was a woman.

Sarah and I made these S's. She and I got to go to Reno together and do a little shopping. We were looking for a present for her friend, Serenity. We went to the mall and got some hair stuff and we went to JoAnn and got these wooden S's. I made one for Sarah ( on the left) and she made one for Serenity (right). We had fun in Reno and we had fun making them.

Ben participated in his first dance! He's been doing swing since January and they had their first performance at the local "Dancing with the Stars." I thought they did a great job. Ben had so much fun. They danced to Rockin' Robin. Now he's learning the cha-cha.

These are some of the kids from his class at school. There are at least 3 more.

(Lane, Malcolm, Brayden, Bailey, Ben and Kale. Missing Storme, Paige, and Madison.)

Ben with his partner Storme D.

We spent the last weekend in Elko with the rest of the Polish's. We enjoyed General Conference.

Kate and Sarah

Grandma's Girls. She bought cute dresses for all of the granddaughters and took pictures with them. They were so cute - all in pink.

Lillie, Kate and Sarah (later joined by Grandma and 4 more cousins!)

Lots of outside time. It was a windy weekend, even snowed some on Sunday, but the kids were outside as much as possible. Kannon took me and Josh on a 4-wheelin' ride.

Lots of time on the ds's. Ben on his and Will on Uncle Kreg's. Joshua loved watching him play games. He doesn't know how to play them so for now he's content to watch. I was just happy that there wasn't any beatings happening this weekend. I don't think Joshua hit anyone!

Out for frozen yogurt at the new "Spoon Me". I LOVE frozen yogurt!

Playing a bit of fruit ninja on the X-box Kinect. He made me play, too. Thank goodness nobody pulled out the camera then!

March was a pretty good month. Not too busy, but full of great memories!

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