Friday, July 11, 2008

The Grand Canyon was great! We set up camp when we finally got there and built our fire and cooked dinner. Then we settled down for S'mores and scary stories. I tried one (a scary story that is). Benjamin said it wasn't very good. Dad's the expert there. The next day (Thursday) we spent hiking around the Grand Canyon. They have a great system there - free bus rides to anywhere around there. You get on one and hop off when you are at a place you want to see. We started off with a 1 1/2 mile hike along the rim. That first view was incredible. We were awestruck. Then we rode a bus to another area, and had ice cream. Sarah was attacked by a squirrel there, too. She was eating a cracker and I was trying to get a picture of said squirrel. It kept coming closer and closer. A man said, "watch the squirrel, watch the squirrel!" I thought he was just getting excited but apparently he knew what "the squirrel" was capable of. It attacked her cracker, even scratched her hand a bit.

We rode the bus back to our camp area and had lunch. The kids (and dad) watched a movie and napped. Then we took the shuttle around to see more of the Canyon. By the time we were ready to go back to camp, we decided to stick it out and watch the sun set. It was nice, but honestly we still love Nevada sunsets better! Friday morning we packed up and planned on making more stops to see the Canyon, but we were all kind of burned out. We did stop at the watch tower and ate our pb&j sandwiches before heading on to St. George. That was a hot drive too, but for some reason it was pretty enjoyable. Very pretty drive, too. We went past the Vermillion Cliffs - decided to save Zions for another trip. We stayed at a hotel in St. George with Kannon's family. We enjoyed a dip in the pool and dinner, then went to bed.
Saturday was the wedding day - Kannon's brother JJ was getting married. Kannon and I got up early to attend a session at the temple. Then we went back for the sealing. Both experiences were great. We MET Kamie at the temple that day. She's a great girl. She ended up getting a blood clot in her leg, just a few days before the wedding. So, she was in a wheelchair (and in pain) for the sealing. They had to cancel their honeymoon. They did a few pictures and then we all went to a chapel for their reception. It was nice, but by the end we were all ready to leave - on the road again for another 4 hours to Ely, NV for the night. We stayed with family there and headed home in the morning. We left Benjamin there to stay with Grandma for the week.

Grandma at the temple door with Sarah, Ben and Stetson (cousin).

JJ and Kamie Polish

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WolfleyFamily said...

Looks like you guys had a really fun trip! That really is a bummer about Kamie getting a clot so close to her wedding... hope she's feeling better!