Saturday, July 12, 2008

Living Room Remodel

Okay, so we are super brave. We are almost finished remodeling our living room. On June 28th we (Ben, Kannon, and I) knocked all the plaster off the walls and ceiling. It took only 2 hours. We had to wait until Monday (30) to do any more. We pulled all the lathe off and I hammered all the nails down so that we can use the wood this winter. (Kannon ended up having that whole week off - work was slow and they asked him to take it off. That worked out for us, we were able to get so much more done.) My sister Janet and her husband Levi also helped. Levi pounded nails with me and then they helped Kannon hang all the sheetrock on the ceiling. Tuesday, Kannon did all the electrical - ran new wires and we had that inspected on Wednesday morning. Then we hung the rest of the sheetrock. I even tried to use the drill to get one screw in. I failed miserably. I always thought I was fairly tough, but I wasn't strong enough to get one screw in! Thursday Kannon taped the walls and ceiling with Levi's help. I went to visit my sister and her family on the 4th (for the weekend). So Kannon played with Ben and did the 2nd taping of the walls and ceiling. On Saturday he textured the walls.

Before we started.
See the pile of plaster and dust on the floor? Everything in our house is dusty right now - that will definitely change this week with the end of the project.
This is Levi - He was such a big help! Thank you tons!
This is Ben and Sarah - they were helping me paint. Benjamin had painted I (heart) U MOM under the window. There were no windows in the living room for about a week and a half. That made for some hot days. And no we weren't scared. We had a screen on one window, and the other one, that you can see in this picture, goes to the screened porch. Besides we'd hear anything weird going on out there - we hear weird goings-on all the time!

So I'm going to switch to my weekend at my sisters'. Sarah and I left with my dad at 10 on the 4th. Ben and his Dad were at the parade. We ended up meeting up with Janet and my mom at the ER - my grandma had fallen and they wanted to make sure she was okay. That visit took about 3 hours. We got on our way and picked up Nathan and Jackie in Reno. It was a nice drive, I enjoyed visiting. We had a relaxing evening and watched the kids swim in the pool taking turns holding the newbie! On Saturday I went with mom, dad, Nathan, and Janet to the Denio flea market. This is one of our favorite places to visit when we go to Sac. I just enjoyed being with everyone and looking around. Next time I'll save up to have some spending money. We did some Wii bowling and golf (although I didn't join in for that one). Nancy put together some great Nacho's for dinner and we stayed up late playing Mario (Party?) It was really fun. On Sunday we had a special baby blessing for Colby- it was great. I love to feel the strong spirit around these precious babes. They have to come strong or they won't make it here. After a great dinner and a few naps we came home. While I was gone Ben and Dad ate fun food, went to the carnival, watched fireworks and just played together. I'm glad that they had some good one-on-one time.
So, I've painted the ceiling and room, the windows are in and I'm almost done painting the trim so it can be added and we can replace our things in the living room - thus, getting back the rest of the house. We've got the tv in our room, the couch on the back porch, the love seat in the kids room, and a bookshelf in the kitchen. It's great! I'll have new pictures of the finished product, SOON!!!


Margaret said...

You've done a lot on the house. Next time I'm there, I will have to stop by and check it out. It looks like a fun summer project.

isha said...

wow its looking great